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Non-Surgical Treatment Options or Minimally Invasive Surgery is becoming increasingly more popular. Dr. Short, a board certified plastic surgeon, primarily practicing in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leader in non-surgical treatments. Our most popular non-surgical treatments performed by Dr. Kimberly Short include Botox, Dermal Injectable Fillers, and Mesotherapy, as well as Skin Resurfacing and a physician supervised skin care program. Dr. Kimberly Short is a Faculty Member and National Trainer for the Botox National Medical Education. Dr. Kimberly Short is a Faculty Member for Radiesse™ Medical Education Development (a dermal injectable filler). Dr. Short also served as a consultant for Juvederm™, Evolence®, and Prevelle Silk™ (dermal injectable fillers). Dr. Short also participated in the FDA approval trial study for Juvederm. With Dr. Short’s expertise as an injector and trainer, she will utilize her training and skills to provide the most effective and comfortable technique to her patients.

Dr. Kimberly Short is able to utilize her training with anatomy and surgery to provide facial rejuvenation and body contouring without surgery. Dr. Kimberly Short is able to restore the youthful appearance in the face by adding volume, “plumping out” lines, wrinkles, depressions, folds, and lips for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Short is able to improve the facial contours on a wide spectrum for patients whom desire only to improve minimal wrinkles or lines or add small volume to the lips without any recovery period to a “liquid facelift” providing surgical type of results with a few days of recovery time. Dr. Kimberly Short is able to offer patients a reduction in localized areas of fullness without liposuction by performing mesotherapy. Dr. Short will develop an individualized treatment plan based on the patient’s desires and expectations. These non-surgical treatment options are performed in the office under a topical or local anesthetic with minimal to no downtime. The advancement in non-surgical treatment options is very exciting and Dr. Short is dedicated to providing the latest, more effective options to patients.


Botox injections are the fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States. Many are aware of using the purified protein to areas such as the frownlines, forehead, and crows feet. Botox, which is FDA approved, relaxes the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of the line or wrinkle. The popularity of the procedure stems from no recovery period and has an excellent safety record. Botox will last approximately 4-6 months.

The uses of Botox are expanding. Since Dr. Short is a member and trainer of the National Education Faculty for Botox, she has performed as assortment of advanced uses of Botox. Botox has been found to be very effective in upturning the lateral eyebrows to achieve a non-surgical browlift. Botox can be used to reduce the paper like crinkles under the eyes and creases around the chin. Other effective treatment options for Botox, which are less well known, are to treat the “bunny” lines on the side of the nose, correction of lip asymmetries, vertical and horizontal neck lines and folds, decreasing the gum line with smiling, upturning of the nasal tip, vertical lip lines and the oral commissures.