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Breast Reconstruction Indianapolis

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that rebuilds the shape of a breast, most commonly in women who have had mastectomy surgery to treat breast cancer. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy plays an active role in improving the quality-of-life and alleviating the psychological trauma of breast cancer patients. The procedure has become an indispensable part of the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer.[1] Breast reconstruction involves utilizing tissue taken from the patient, prosthetic implants, or a combination of both with the intention of rebuilding a natural-looking breast.

 The human body is a brilliant byproduct of evolution and intention. We mature into thriving adults but sometimes need the help of science to keep us healthy and whole. If you require the aid of a skilled cosmetic surgeon to provide structure and support to your breasts, Dr. Kimberly Short of the Gillian Institute is your best resource. 

With two convenient locations in Northside and Downtown, Dr. Short serves Indiana with precision and pride. To learn how you can benefit from breast reconstruction, contact us online or call now at (317) 913-3260 for our northside office or (317) 787-3260 to contact our downtown office.

Reconstruction After Mastectomy or Lumpectomy

You are stronger than cancer. No matter how devastating a diagnosis and subsequent treatment may be, you can get back to your former glory. Dr. Short is eager to be your copilot on this triumphant return to health and happiness.

Not all women with breast cancer choose to undergo breast reconstruction, but it’s essential to explore all options before making a decision. Today’s breast reconstruction surgery techniques can achieve excellent results, especially when a plastic surgeon works alongside your oncologist throughout your treatment.

To coordinate your medical, aesthetic, and wellness efforts, please contact Dr. Short. She is the ultimate team player, and you are the coach of your own destiny. 

Before & After Photos

Before and After Photos

Breast Reconstruction Benefits

The loss of breast dimension and mass may also result in losing part of your identity. Confidence and cosmetics are indelibly entwined, and Dr. Short can raise them both simultaneously. Reconstruction surgery empowers you to reclaim your pre-mastectomy confidence. Whether you desire a boost from breast implants or the perk of fat transferred from your own body, Dr. Short will tailor your procedure to your needs. The very term “reconstruction” conveys how you can rebuild, reshape and restore your physique.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction 

  • Restores breast shape and appearance
  • Uses natural tissue and/or FDA-approved breast implants
  • Can often be completed immediately after mastectomy

Eligible Candidates

Regardless of your past, your future shimmers as bright as the sun. Ideal candidates for breast reconstruction are in a good place with their overall health maintenance regimen. If you have conquered your recent bout(s) with cancer, then we want to celebrate your victory! But we must make sure the timing is right. Please share your healthcare journey with Dr. Short so she can determine your eligibility for breast reconstruction and schedule a procedure appointment accordingly.

Private Consultation

Healing is a process. Your meeting allows Dr. Short the opportunity to understand your medical history, as well as your upcoming goals. Communication is vital to improvement, so you will be encouraged to ask plenty of questions and discuss your many options. 

We regularly update our blog in a continued effort to communicate with our Indiana friends and neighbors. Take a look and share your insights with Dr. Short during your private consultation. 


Dr. Short and her associates will provide you with detailed instructions to fully prepare you for breast reconstruction surgery. Your reconstruction may be performed in conjunction with a mastectomy, in which case your preparation will be tailored to the overall procedure protocols.

If you have any questions regarding diet, supplements, or any other pre-op guidelines you should follow, please contact our office. 


There are two basic types of breast reconstruction: tissue flap and implant-based breast reconstruction. These methods can also be combined, depending on your anatomy and aesthetic desires. A reconstructive surgery, followed by less extensive revisions, is often necessary to achieve the desired end result.

Flap-Based Reconstruction

In flap-based breast reconstruction, we harvest fat, skin, and muscle from one part of your body (e.g., abdomen, back, or buttocks) and move it to your chest to reconstruct the breast.[1] The blood supply to the tissue is re-established using microsurgical techniques.

Implant-Based Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Indianapolis

During implant-based reconstruction, we insert a saline or silicone breast implant behind the chest muscle. If you do not have enough tissue left following your mastectomy, a tissue expander, similar to a balloon, can be inserted several weeks in advance of your procedure.[2] The expander slowly helps your skin to adapt and allows the introduction of a breast implant.

Regardless of which technique is right for you, Dr. Short will explain the merits of each. You may benefit from a combination of flap tissue and implant options to achieve the best results for your body.

Healthy Recovery

Recovery time varies depending on the technique performed. When you wake from your surgery, it is normal to experience some bruising, swelling, and general discomfort. A trained, caring professional will monitor your progress until you are released to resume the recovery process in the privacy and comfort of your home.

You will wear a special bra for a few weeks and take the appropriate prescription medication to minimize discomfort and lessen your risk of infection. You can gradually resume light physical activity but should plan at least a one-month absence from exercise and strenuous physical activity.

Amazing Results

Breast reconstruction surgery is designed to capture your ideal contours. Before your mastectomy, before your treatment, and before any complications arose, you were simply you. Dr. Short wants to bring back your boldness.

Your breasts will reflect the size, shape, and feel you most desire after your reconstruction procedure. Dr. Short will follow your specifications and deliver transcendent results. To get a glimpse of your future satisfaction, take a look at our past reviews. They are as glowing as you will be after a visit with Dr. Kimberly Short. 

Complementary and Alternative Procedures 

Your body is more than just a collection of limbs and organs. It is a powerful machine and a work of art. Dr. Short takes a holistic approach to enhancement, building you up wherever you desire a little extra attention.

If you would like to reconstruct your breasts using fat cells from your own body, then Dr. Short will begin with a liposuction procedure. After gently vacuuming unwanted fat from your “problem areas,” the doctor purifies the samples and prepares them for re-insertion into the breasts. The injections add volume and dimension to your silhouette and rely solely on your own biological material.

On the other hand, if you do not desire any additional size to your bust line, but struggle with sagging excess skin, then a breast lift may be perfectly suited to your needs. Dr. Short can skillfully remove loose skin while realigning the declination of your breasts. Perkier, more youthful contours can be yours, right here in Indiana.

Learn More

If you’re a candidate for breast reconstruction, we encourage you to contact our offices in the Northside and Downtown areas. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Short, provides the highest level of care for breast reconstruction patients, and her staff is exceptionally attentive to your needs. During a consultation, we can answer your questions and discuss the treatment options that are right for you. Call our Northside or Downtown offices at (317) 913-3260 or (317) 787-3260 to schedule your consultation today.


What type of breast reconstruction surgery is right for me?

The only person who can answer this question is you. Your body will inform the process, and Dr. Short will honor your anatomy and bolster your continued health. If you have enough fat and ancillary material to contribute to a flap-based reconstruction, then Dr. Short will discuss this process with you. Otherwise, a breast implant may be the ideal supplement to your reconstruction journey. To assess the benefits of each approach, please contact our Indiana offices. 

How often will I need to schedule follow-up appointments?

Following breast reconstruction, your surgeon would like to see you every week for approximately two to three weeks. Afterward, your clinic visits will likely be less often: one month, six weeks, and six months after your procedure.


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