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When you reach a certain age, undergoing cosmetic procedures can be helpful in recapturing your younger self. Be it a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or Botox injection, the outcomes of what we at The Gillian Institute accomplish for women just like you are remarkable.

One increasingly popular procedure in our industry is a labiaplasty, which is an outpatient surgery for enlarged or asymmetric external vaginal structures. While effective in what it aims to accomplish, these surgeries can sometimes be risky.

A-list celebrities and satisfied women around the world are raving about ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation. It’s a safe, affordable procedure that helps women change the look and feel of their genitalia. ThermiVa patients come away extremely satisfied with their results, reporting consistent, profound improvement to their vaginal function and sensation.

For those reasons, we’re happy to announce ThermiVaⓇ non-surgical vulvovaginal rejuvenation to our family of procedures.

What is ThermiVaⓇ?

Three words: Reclaim. Restore. Revive. That’s what ThermiVaⓇ provides women who undergo this simple, non-invasive procedure. ThermiVaⓇ is a wand, slightly smaller than the circumference of the average finger. The tip of the ThermiVa is then placed on the inside of feminine structures, where it produces heat through radiofrequency. It’s incredibly useful in revitalizing areas of the vagina affected by aging, rough pregnancies, or menopause.

ThermiVa is a great option for women from all walks of life. It’s a nonsurgical, minimally-invasive treatment that utilizes thermal energy to alter the labia. The vaginal walls are tightened as well, creating increased sensitivity. The procedure is completely painless and patients are able to enjoy their results immediately. Women suffering from stress incontinence or labia atrophy also benefit from having the treatment performed.

ThermiVaⓇ stops leaking, improves texture, tone, and moisture, as well as increases sensitivity in treated areas.

This anti-aging procedure will tighten the external labial structures as well as the internal vaginal structure, leaving you with a more youthful, feminine vulvovaginal area similar to what you had in your 20s and 30s.

ThermiVa uses radiofrequency technology to alter the vulva. The non-ablative treatment is clinically proven to rejuvenate patients’ genital area by tightening the labia and the vaginal canal. The effects of childbirth, age, and menopause on a woman’s body can be dramatic. Being pregnant introduces massive changes to a woman’s body, many of which are long-lasting. Mothers often say they’re left with less sensation in their labia and vaginas than before. ThermiVa can improve dryness and increase a woman’s sensitivity, allowing for greater sexual pleasure.

During a ThermiVa treatment, Dr. Short uses a small handheld wand to emits safe doses of radiofrequency energy to the patient’s labia and vagina. It’s designed to be safe to use on all parts of the genitalia. Thermal energy tightens stretched and damaged vaginal tissue and encourages fresh collagen growth. Vulvovaginal problems are often improved by the procedure.

Thermiva vaginal rejuvenation shapes and tightens the skin to create aesthetically-pleasing labia.

How Does The Radiofrequency Work?

When applied, the radiofrequency changes the soft tissue and collagen that supports the vaginal structures. We leave you with brand new collagen and improved localized blood flow. Patients experiencing dryness are far more comfortable, as more moisture production increases. The results let you walk around far more comfortably. And also, due to the increase of blood flow, nerve sensitivity is dramatically improved, which leads to elevated levels of sexual pleasure and arousal.

A study of 23 patients reported significant improvement in laxity, improvement in atrophic vaginitis, stress urinary incontinence, and orgasmic dysfunction. Plus, the surgery is so simple that patients are able to resume all activities, including sexual intercourse and going to the gym, the same day! You’ll actually feel increased tightness immediately after the surgery. But the benefits are significantly greater over the course of three months. In the first two weeks, your tissues become softer, firmer, and tighter, and the sensitivity increases in the g-spot, clitoral, and genital areas.

It’s painless, fast, simple, it feels like a warm wand waving around inside your feminine structures. You’ll get your pre-baby body back and feel confidently looking good in yoga pants once more!

Benefits of ThermiVa

ThermiVa is much more affordable and less invasive than a procedure like a labiaplasty. It’s painless, fast, and patients are able to go back to their normal lives immediately. ThermiVa treatments involve zero incisions and there will be absolutely no scarring. Other benefits include:

  • Improves Dryness
  • Increases Sensitivity
  • Tightens vagina and labia
  • Can be performed 6 weeks after childbirth
  • Reduces side effects from vulvovaginal problems

Benefits To Avoiding Labiaplasty

The ThermiVaⓇ rejuvenation also means you get results without undertaking a traditional labiaplasty. By forgoing a labiaplasty, you’ll significantly minimize the risk of bleeding, infection, and scarring, which can happen in surgical procedures. You’ll also feel comfortable undertaking this process as there is substantially less anxiety involved without the use of anesthesia.

The best benefit is that it’s more cost efficient, saving you thousands of dollars, and the hassle of potential two-month post-op recovery.

Good Candidates for ThermiVa

At The Gillian Institute, we aim to educate patients about all of their body sculpting options. We understand that vaginal rejuvenation is a highly personal, intimate decision and experience.

Women who have given birth can have the procedure performed less than two months after their delivery.

Doctors believe that ThermiVa can even help new mothers recover from childbirth. Women can schedule the procedure to occur around the same time that they’re cleared to return to sexual activities.

Those with the following characteristics are not good candidates for ThermiVa treatment:

  • Pregnant
  • Currently diagnosed with a urinary tract infection
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Suffers from a serious medical ailment

Healthy women of all ages can safely have a ThermiVa treatment performed. It’s one of the few cosmetic procedures that produces profound changes without significantly altering the body. If you want to discuss your candidacy for ThermiVa with Dr. Short, schedule a consultation. She’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Treatment Process

ThermiVa treatments are performed in office without the use of anesthesia or numbing products. That’s because vaginal rejuvenation is completely pain-free. Thermal radiofrequency energy emitted by a small, S-shaped probe is used to stimulate the labia and the vagina. Dr. Short will wield this device herself. It’s temperature controlled, which means that she will be able to make sure that the patient feels comfortable.

The entire procedure shouldn’t take more than an hour.


ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation patients are able to bounce back to their regular lives immediately. There’s absolutely no downtime. Patients can even engage in sexual activities that day. This is one of ThermiVa’s biggest benefits. A woman doesn’t have to put her life on hold to achieve noticeable, pleasing results.

The drawback is that results typically only last a year.

Anyone who has a ThermiVa performed by Dr. Short will need to schedule a follow-up phone call. We want to make sure that patients love their rejuvenation results.


The majority of patients report immediate, profound improvements after their treatment.
In the following months after treatments, the improvements become more noticeable.

For the first few weeks after the procedure, patients should be able to feel their vaginal walls become tighter. They’ll also notice increased sensitivity in the genital area. Patients and their partners often report improvements in their intimate and sexual experience.

To achieve the absolute best results, it’s strongly recommended that first-time patients have multiple ThermiVa treatments spaced closely together. After the initial burst of treatments, patients should expect to have a touch-up appointment about once a year.

Your Consultation

The first step to scheduling a ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment is to come to see Dr. Short for a private consultation. The procedure is safe and effective but it’s still important that each patient has a personalized treatment plan. Depending on the patient’s goals, Dr. Short may recommend additional treatments as part of a package. During the consultation, Dr. Short will work with the patient to determine the best course for her body.

Dr. Short will perform an examination and discuss the patient’s medical history, prior surgeries, and current health issues.

If Dr. Short determines that the patient is a good fit for ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation therapy, she will create a customized treatment plan. Patients should use this time with the surgeon to ask any questions they may have and to address all of their concerns. Nothing is more important than the patient’s comfort.

When the consultation is over, the staff will provide a price quote for the first series of treatments. Patients who love their results and want them to last will need return once a year for a touch-up appointment.


ThermiVA treatment packages are tailored to each individual and will range depending on the number of treatment sessions. After a consultation, Dr. Short will provide a detailed breakdown of the treatment that will include cost.

Contact The Gillian Institute to schedule your consultation today!