Procedures Pricing

Your skincare treatment will be customized for your skin.

Facial Services


Custom Facial
$75 / 95
Cleansing with steam exfoliation, extractions and mask.
Beta Peel (30% Salicylic Peel)
For oily acne prone skin.
Skin Medica Vitalize Peel
Good for sun damaged skin. Helps with tone and texture. Works on all skin types.
Microdermabrasion w/ Peel
Package of 5
A light peel emulsifies dead skin, followed by an exfoliation with microdermabrasion.
Baby Boomer
Lighten hyperpigmentation, minimize pores, and soften fine lines with this mid-depth peel.
Remove unwanted facial hair with this exfoliating facial.
20% TCA Peel (Deep)
 Mixto CO2 Laser Full Face(Price depends on depth)       $300-$1400
Brow  Shaping
Lip or Chin Wax
Lash or Brow Tint
Injection of Blemish


Laser Hair Reduction

Per Treatment Pkg of 5
Lip or Chin $125 $500
Lip & Chin $200 $800
Full Face $300 $1200
Neck $150 $500
Underarm $150 $600
Bikini $225 $975
Legs $500 $2000
Back $450 $1800
Arms $225 $900
Chest $300 $1200



Brow $900
Lower Face/Neck $2200
Full Face $2500


Photo-Rejuvenation (BBL)

Face $325
Cheeks $200
Chest $325
Neck $100
Half Arms/Legs $225
Full Arms/Legs $400
Hands $200
Packages Available  



Body Treatment $800
Package of 3 Treatments $2000
Facial/Neck Treatment $20/cc


Ancillary Procedures

Botox $11/unit
Xeomin $10/unit
Juvederm XC $525
Juvederm Voluma $700  5for $3000
Belotero $525
Radiesse $600 % for $2000
Perlane 1ml $450   2ml $800
Bellafill $800 5 For $3000
Restylane 1 ml $525   2ml $900




Per Treatment Pkg of 2
Full Face $1400 $2000
Cheeks $750 $1300
Peri-Oral/Orbital $500 $900
Microlaser Peel $500  


Skin Tyte or ReFirm

Per Treatment Pkg of 4
Full Face $250 $1000
Lower Face $300 $1000
Arms $750 $2800
Thighs $750 $2800
Abdomen $600 $2200


Sclerotherapy Per Area
Ellman Per Area
Ultrasound Per Area


What Patients Are Saying

I had a face lift, eyes upper and lower, neck. To this day I still get the comment. “You look so good” What did you do? It was the best thing I ever did and would recommend it to anyone. No pain, No problems. Thanks to Dr. Short and her team, they make you feel at home. They are the BEST !!!! * 



Penny O

I would refer Dr.Short to all of my friend and family. She are her staff was very professional and was willing to answer any question that I had. My surgery was a breast augmentation, I was a size A and went to a cup size D. I am very pleased and so happy with the out come. Dr.Short is the best there is. I would never even consider going any place else. *

Jennifer K

I came to Dr. Short for a Breast Augmentation and tummy tuck about 3 1/2 years ago. I was a mother of 5 children and had spent the past 15 years giving birth and taking care of kids. Even before the kids though, I struggled with a poochy tummy. I decided for my 40th birthday that I was finally going to do something about it. I searched the internet extensively and finally found Dr. Short. The results she was showing on her website were exactly what I was looking for. I flew out from Washington State for my consultation and immediately liked her and her entire staff. They put me at ease and answered all my questions.

I was thrilled with the results of the surgery. I went immediately from a size 12 to a size 4. I couldn’t believe it. The surgery got me so motivated that I continued to diet and exercise and have now dropped another 13 pounds and now wear a size 0. In addition to the fantastic results, Dr. Short and her staff made me feel like a girlfriend. I felt that they truly understood what my needs were, not just clinically, but from a woman’s perspective. I can’t recommend Dr. Short and her office enough for any cosmetic procedure. Thank you so much. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. *

Allissa S

I went to Dr. Short 2 years ago with an A cup breast size. She gave me a low C cup, and i get compliments on my breasts daily. They are very natural looking and feeling. A lot of people do not even believe me when I tell them I have had breast augmentation. Shes the best and I’m very very pleased with the outcome of the surgery. *

Deborah M

I used Dr.Short for a breast enlargement. I was more then impressed with the results. They did a great job and I recommend her all the time to people who ask for a Dr. I went in with a lot of questions and attended a seminar that helped me feel at ease. The surgery was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I was back to normal in no time. The scars left are not even visible unless you look really hard. I highly recommend Dr.Short. They made me feel comfortable by having proper follow up appointments to make sure that everything was ok with surgery. I have nothing bad to say about my whole experience. It is going on three years now and I have had no complications at all. Dr. Short does a great job of giving you a natural look and making sure she keeps the look proportional to your body type. She really does a great job. *

Amy B
* Disclaimer: The claims made on this website are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results vary greatly from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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