Dr. Short and her staff work closely and cohesively as a team coordinating, advising and utilizing a host of modalities to benefit every patient in their care and quest for understanding using compassion, gentleness, and open communication.

Our team concept allows patients to look as good as they can, regardless of age, while still maintaining a natural result. Dr. Short’ philosophy and passion for plastic surgery whether its surgical or non-surgical options is evident with each member on the Gillian Institute team.

Melissa Yurack, Patient & Clinical Coordinator

Melissa Yurack is a licensed Medical Assistant with both a degree in Medical Assisting and Business Administration. This allows Melissa to bring the best of both worlds to our practice as our Patient and Clinical Coordinator. Melissa, having once been a patient, can empathize with the wants and needs of our patients.

Since Melissa began at our practice, she has been training with Dr. Short to perform Botox and Juvederm injections. She is also certified by Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, to perform these injections. Melissa is also certified to perform Ultherapy.

“I have had so many great opportunities at The Gillian Institute. I am very lucky! I absolutely love my job. I enjoy everything from talking to the patients on the phone, to meeting them at the consultations and following them through their surgery and post-op care. I love making our patients feel beautiful.”

Casey Crawford, Licensed Aesthetician & Aesthetic Coordinator

Casey Crawford has been a licensed aesthetician practicing as a medical aesthetician with top Indianapolis dermatologists since 2001. Her emphasis has always been “healthy skin care.”

She has been highly trained in multiple lasers for skin rejuvenation. Crawford was one of the first aestheticians in Indianapolis to be personally trained by San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitters, creator of the Foto Facial using IPL (intense pulse light).

Casey’s continuing education and passion for the beauty and skin care industry has led her to combine her knowledge and experience with plastic surgery.

“With my many years in skin care and today’s rejuvenation technologies, my goal is to help all my clients achieve beautiful skin with the freedom of being make-up free.”

Danette Waymire, Licensed Aesthetician

Danette came to us with a wealth of experience in both dermatology and medical aesthetics. She has been an aesthetician for over 14 years and continues to keep up with this ever-changing and exciting field. Danette has excellent technical skills as well as the ability to apply new knowledge efficiently. She is a quick learner and treats her patients with compassion and kindness. In her spare time, Danette enjoys exercise and spending time with her daughter.

Alisha Story, Licensed Aesthetician & Front Desk Supervisor

Alisha Story is a licensed esthetician who has been active in the beauty industry for nearly a decade. Her experience includes salon & spa coordination as well as sales, makeup artistry and management for luxury beauty retailers. Her prior work as a team education consultant sparked her interest in pursuing formal training in aesthetics, with a career path focused specifically in the area of medical skincare and cosmetic procedures.

Alisha’s passion for helping people look and feel their best, with a focus on real results, led her to The Gillian Institute. She spent her first year and a half at our practice working as the Front Office Coordinator, immersing herself in all aspects of the business while receiving advanced training from our experienced staff. Her beauty philosophy emphasizes the importance of at-home prevention and self-care in addition to utilizing professional skincare techniques. Actively following the latest beauty trends, Alisha believes in backing up the hype with skin science and proven technology. Alisha is currently accepting appointments for new and established patients at our Downtown and North locations.

Amber Aiman, Licensed Aesthetician & Injector

Amber’s patients appreciate her attention to detail, an abundance of knowledge and kindness! Amber is currently accepting appointments for new and established patients at our Downtown and North locations.

Monique Kutche, Patient Care Coordinator & Director of Finance