The backs of the hands are one of the most vulnerable areas to aging. The appearance of the hands can make us appear older than we truly are. Thinning skin, sunken areas, and wrinkles detract from natural beauty. At The Gillian Institute, we offer our patients two simple and highly effective solutions to their aging concerns. Hand rejuvenation can be completed with dermal fillers or a fat graft. The result will be smoother, healthier hands that have more volume. Our hand rejuvenation results are long-lasting!

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About Hand Rejuvenation

As we age, our hands lose valuable fat and the skin produces less collagen which results in thin skin. The outcome is bony looking hands that appear wrinkled and aged. Hand rejuvenation will transform the hands and help them feel and look younger. Hand rejuvenation can be completed with a fat graft or dermal fillers. Your treatment will be customized to your goals and the aesthetic needs of your case. The result will be smoother, healthier hands.

Fat Graft

In a fat graft treatment, fat is taken from another area of your body and injected into the hands. This surgery allows for comprehensive improvement of your appearance! Liposuction will be used to slim down an area of your body that has excess fat, often referred to as a “donor area.” These areas often include the thighs, abdomen, flanks, buttocks or back. Once the fat is collected, it will be purified and injected strategically into the hands. At The Gillian Institute we implement the tumescent technique with ultrasound liposuction. This treatment allows us to meticulously sculpt our patient’s bodies while using cutting-edge techniques that allow for a more comfortable surgery and shorter recovery time. A fat graft procedure provides long-lasting results! Because you use fat from your own body, allergic reactions are low to non-existent because you get to use a natural substance for enhancement.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a simple convenient solution to your hand concerns.

The best hand rejuvenation dermal fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Radiesse. We offer hyaluronic acid fillers and non-hyaluronic acid fillers. HA, hyaluronic acid, is a natural substance already found within our bodies. This acid keeps our skin hydrated and glowing.

Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane are all HA-based fillers that are used to reverse aging in the hands. These fillers last anywhere between four to twelve months.

Radiesse is a non-HA filler and is composed of a smooth gel with calcium microspheres suspended throughout it. These microspheres help to boost natural collagen levels. Boosted levels of collagen will help your skin grow thick and healthy. Radiesse can last from one to two years and provides ultimate and long-lasting fullness.


Thin skin and less fat can cause the hands to be easily damaged. The primary advantage for hand rejuvenation is not only cosmetic but practical. A fat transfer or dermal fillers will plump up the hands, giving them a younger look. Our heavenly hand rejuvenation solutions will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!


Ideal candidates for hand rejuvenation are men and women who are bothered by wrinkly, hollow-appearing hands. Individuals who are interested should be healthy and have a realistic understanding of what hand rejuvenation can accomplish.

We encourage you to look through hand rejuvenation photos to get a good idea of how this treatment is turning back the clock and boosting men and women’s confidence!

Personal Consultation

A personal consultation is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn all about your options. You will have the chance to meet with Dr. Short and hear her professional opinion on what your best hand rejuvenation solution is. Dr. Short will need to learn about your medical history, current lifestyle, and medications. This information will help her determine what your best treatment plan is. She will encourage you to express your aesthetic goals and what you help to accomplish with hand rejuvenation. Together, you will create a customized plan that is safe and effective for you.


Dermal fillers require little to no preparation! Dr. Short will inform you of any instructions to follow during your personal consultation. If a fat transfer is determined as your best hand rejuvenation solution, you will be provided with detailed steps to follow. These steps will help you have a healthy surgery and recovery.

Remember to fill prescriptions and arrange for rides to and from your appointment a few weeks prior to your procedure. Many of our patients find it helpful to have a friend stay with them during their initial recovery. Ask for a few days off from work to make sure you have an appropriate recovery period. Dr. Short will inform you of the average recovery period for fat transfers.


Dermal fillers are applied over a period of about a half-hour. A numbing agent can be applied to your hands to make the experience more comfortable. The preferred filler will be strategically injected all along your hand. Dr. Short will fill in depressed areas and help your hands look rejuvenated and smooth. Once she is complete, you will be able to get back to your regular day.

A fat transfer is performed on an outpatient basis and is completed in three steps. When you arrive at your appointment, you will change into a gown. The donor area(s) will be cleaned and marked for surgery. General anesthesia will be administered and once you are resting, the surgery will begin.

Tumescent fluid will be administered followed by internal and external ultrasound. Once the fat is emulsified, it will be harvested using traditional liposuction. In the second step of a fat grafting procedure, the collected fat will be cleansed of impurities. Once the fat is purified, it will be placed in syringes.

The final step is simple. The fat is injected in multiple places along the hand to provide transformative results. A fat grafting surgery takes two to three hours but will vary from patient to patient.


Dermal fillers do not require downtime! Following the treatment, you will be able to return to your regular schedule. With fat grafting, you will need to arrange for a day or two for recovery. The treatment area will be swollen and sensitive. A compression garment is typically used to ensure your body adjusts to its new contours and control swelling. Dr. Short will inform you how to care for the treated area in the following days.

Your hands may be sore as they adjust to the fat transfer but you will be able to show them off right away!


The results of your treatment will be immediately noticeable! Dermal fillers and fat grafting both provide detectable improvement during the treatment. The results of a dermal filler treatment will last anywhere from four months to two years. Maintenance appointments will allow you to keep your hands looking smooth and soft.

Fat grafting, on the other hand, provides long-lasting results. Your hands and treatment area will look healthy for years to come! The best way to maintain your fat transfer outcome looking its best is with a healthy skin care routine and healthy lifestyle.

Complementary Treatments

Whether you are undergoing fillers or a fat transfer, injectables are easily added to your treatment if you have additional goals in mind. For example, Botox and dermal fillers are popular choices and offer a minimally-invasive way to transform your face. Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily pauses muscle movement in the face. Our staff has years of experience administering Botox to provide the balance of a naturally younger face. Botox is a great way to combat moderate to severe lines and wrinkles along the forehead, mouth and eyes.

While Botox lessens the appearance of lines, dermal fillers can be used to fill in areas around the face. Facial fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse and Bellafill infuse healthy volume to the cheeks, eye area, and lips. Together, these convenient treatments can be applied to the face in about an hour and have you looking and feeling younger! During your private consultation, ask Dr. Short if these complementary treatments are a good option for you!

Hand Rejuvenation Cost

The cost of your hand rejuvenation procedure will relate to the treatment you and Dr. Short choose. We customize our patient’s treatments so their aesthetic goals are reached and they receive the best procedure for their features. To learn more about hand rejuvenation, schedule a consultation. You can reach us at (317) 913-3260. We look forward to hearing from you!



Yes! Wrinkly hands can age you but we have the perfect solution for maintaining volume and reducing wrinkles. Dermal fillers or a fat transfer will fill in areas of the hand that have become depressed. These treatments will automatically plump the skin and reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles. For young, healthy looking hands consider these simple solutions!


Hand fillers will last anywhere from four months to two years. Keep your results around for a long time with healthy skin care habits.


The best way to keep your hands looking soft and young is with excellent skin care. Daily moisturizing will keep your hands hydrated and healthy. We also strongly encourage sunscreen. The sun is a main source of aging. Harmful UV rays break down elastin and collagen in the skin, causing men and women to age quickly. To avoid sun spots, pigmentation, and dry wrinkled skin; use sunscreen. The daily use of sunscreen will go a long way towards preserving your youth!


Botox is a great solution for wrinkles. The simple injectable turns back the clock and will effectively reduce moderate to severe lines on the face. Botox is also a great help to people who sweat profusely. Botox has been FDA-approved for application in the armpits. Whether you are worried about sweaty palms or are bothered by wrinkles on the top of your hand, Botox is not the right solution. Dr. Short can help you create the perfect treatment plan for improving the appearance of your hands.