Do you struggle to remove unsightly cellulite, even after months of diet and exercise? If you wish you could simply point at a spot on your body and your fat would dissolve, your wish is now a reality: thanks to LipoDissolve, patients have a convenient, non-invasive way of reducing fat, smoothing their skin, and improving the contour in a targeted area of their body.

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Why Consider LipoDissolve?

Referred to as Mesotherapy (general term) or LipoDissolve, these injections are able to dissolve localized fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite through a series of painless injections with no downtime. The procedure requires no incisions and subjects the body to the minimum amount of trauma possible. The injections change the constitution of the patient’s targeted fat from a solid to a liquid, a process known as Lipolysis. The dissolved fat is expelled from the body naturally during the weeks following the injection of LipoDissolve.

LipoDissolve is a great option for patients who want to slim and tighten the appearance of specific areas of their body. Patients who have a large amount of weight to lose may not be candidates for LipoDissolve. Lipolysis is a more reliable procedure for improvement of cellulite. There are certain “problem areas” that are resistant to diet and exercise and now we are able to offer you a non-surgical option in the office to treat these areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, back, arms, neck, and facial areas, without a recovery period. Revolutionary new treatment for cellulite and fat removal without surgery!

What is Mesotherapy?

LipoDissolve, or mesotherapy, is so successful because its unique injection is capable of doing the important work of targeting and dissolving fat without inconveniencing the patient. Mesotherapy injections contain a natural substance, phosphatidylcholine, PCC found from soya beans and this same substance is also produced naturally by the body. This natural substance along with vitamin complexes is injected with tiny needles into the fatty layer to promote the body to dissolve the fat cells and promote skin contraction.

Areas of the Body Treatable with LipoDissolve

LipoDissolve has the ability to dissolve fat deposits, reduce cellulite, and firm the patient’s skin. Some patients saw additional improvements to their stretch marks and wrinkles. Areas treatable with LipoDissolve include:


  • Stomach
  • Flanks
  • Arms
  • Thighs, including saddle bags and banana rolls
  • Buttocks
  • Double chin
  • The back, including Bra Rolls


Best candidates for LipoDissolve are men and women who are interested in a fat-elimination procedure but don’t want to expose their body to the high heat of a laser or undergo invasive liposuction. LipoDissolve relies on naturally-occurring substances to dissolve the fat: this is a great option for patients interested in reducing fat in areas of their body that can be targeted by the injection. While LipoDissolve effectively initiates fat expulsion from the patient’s body, it is not a recommended solution for patients who want to reduce fat in a large area of their body.

Ideal candidates for this procedure will be within range of their target weight and have already completed the majority of their weight loss. LipoDissolve is not a weight loss solution. Significant weight gain can affect the outcomes achieved by the LipoDissolve. LipoDissolve, due to the fact that it successfully treats a moderate, targeted amount of fat, may also appeal to patients looking for a cost-effective procedure.

Patients are not good candidates for LipoDissolve if they:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are diabetic
  • Have an egg or soy allergy
  • Experience liver, kidney, or thyroid problems
  • Have dermal lesions

Dr. Short will assess each patient’s medical history to make sure that they are good candidates for LipoDissolve. If you have questions about your candidacy, please do not hesitate to reach out to the helpful team at The Gillian Institute!


A patient’s consultation at The Gillian Institute is their opportunity to learn more about the fat elimination method that will be best for their body’s unique needs. Patients are advised to come prepared to discuss any questions they may have, as well as to share information regarding their medication and drug use, their current lifestyle, and their medical history. It is important to disclose any medical condition or concerns you may have at this time.

The doctor will take care to assess the areas of a patient’s body with them where they want to reduce fat. After taking time to understand their patient’s goals, the doctor will suggest a treatment plan that they think will give the patient their ideal, slim results. In the interest of the patient, the doctor will be sure to be candid if they believe an alternative or more invasive fat-elimination method will be a more effective way for the patient to achieve the results they want.

Your LipoDissolve Procedure

A LipoDissolve procedure is quick and nearly pain-free. Traditional liposuction can require over an hour to complete, and may entail the patient’s taking time off work for his or her recovery. Depending on the size and number of areas receiving the LipoDissolve injection, a patients’ treatment can be safely administered in under 30 minutes. This means it’s possible to receive this easy, slimming procedure while on your lunch break!

The needles used to administer LipoDissolve are remarkably fine: while patients can opt for anesthetic to make them comfortable during their treatment, most patients who go without anesthetic report that they have no problem tolerating the minor stinging associated with the injection.

Once LipoDissolve is inserted into the targeted area, the PCC works to dissolve the membranes of the fat cells. This dissolved fat will be expelled naturally from the body over the weeks following the procedure. The treated area will become slimmer and firmer throughout this time. Men or women who receive LipoDissolve are allowed to return home or to their daily routine after their treatment. Patients are advised to avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen in the three days leading up to their LipoDissolve procedure. Most patients see their best results after receiving 2-4 LipoDissolve treatments.


Some patients experience stinging where they received the injections, but this sensation will disappear within an hour. It is also not uncommon for the treated area to bruise or swell after the procedure, but these conditions will resolve themselves within three days. A LipoDissolve treatment requires little to no recovery time for the patient. Some patients may notice small lumps at the injection sites, but these will also only be present temporarily. Unlike other types of fat elimination procedures which require incisions, there is usually no scarring from a LipoDissolve treatment. Recipients of LipoDissolve are free to return home or to work after their treatment, but may decide to take one to two days off until their bruising or swelling diminishes.

Patients who would like to treat any post-treatment discomfort are advised to avoid anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. A compression garment can be worn to help reduce any swelling and to maintain the shape of the treated area. The doctors at The Gillian Institute will make sure you feel prepared and relaxed for your recovery. Patients simply go back to their daily routines, and watch the treated area become slimmer every day!


Typically, results are seen at two weeks following the injection and the treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks. The slimming effects of each injection take this span of time to become apparent because the body is working to flush the dissolved fat naturally from its system. Larger areas on the body require 2-4 treatments for optimal results. These injections take less than 30 minutes to perform. Moderate swelling and bruising are noted for 3-5 days, but will not limit normal activities.


This technique has been proven safe and effective in thousands of patients. Dr. Short has received her certification following thorough training sessions and she has had the lipolysis treatment herself. Physicians should complete a training course before injecting patients and many, like Dr. Short, have joined the Network-Globalhealth. This organization is designed to allow physicians around the world to share ideas and results as well as promote ongoing research to discover additional uses for this exciting technique. These advances may even include treatment of stretch marks.

Mesotherapy is NOT:

  • A weight reduction procedure
  • A replacement for liposuction
  • A substitute for weight loss
  • It is not as effective for VERY large areas


Mesotherapy is a great alternative for localized problems area of fat accumulation and cellulite with no surgery and no downtime.

Note: It is important to address any concerns with Dr. Short at the time of your consultation. There is some risk, as with any surgical procedure. Minor complications that do not affect the final outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusual. Dr. Short can explain the procedure and potential complications to you in detail, and she can assist you in determining if LipoDissolve is right for you.


Once a patient completes their consultation at The Gillian Institute, they will receive a cost estimate for their fat elimination procedure. The price of a LipoDissolve treatment plan will reflect the size and number of areas receiving the injection. The total price will also depend on the number of treatments a patient decides to undergo to receive their ideal results.

Call The Gillian Institute today to learn more about how LipoDissolve can help you lose your unwanted fat and cellulite!