PRP treatments harness your body’s own natural healing and restorative capabilities to revive your skin’s beauty and healthy function. PRP treatments are an advanced way to not only rejuvenate your skin, but to also restore fuller, healthier hair growth. PRP stands for platelet-rich-plasma, a protein-rich resource derived from a sample of your own blood. PRP is a purified solution of essential growth factors which are vital to your body’s healing functions. The growth factors in PRP solutions come in as many as five to ten times the concentration as normal blood samples.

Your skin and hair can receive a powerful jumpstart and nourishing treatment with PRP. At the Gillian Institute, we are pleased to offer our patients this revolutionary therapy for skin and hair rejuvenation.

What is PRP?

Medical science now enables us to harness the restorative abilities of our blood through PRP treatment. The science that makes PRP therapy possible takes place almost entirely within your own body. Our blood functions as an important part of our immune system, which is responsible for repairing damaged tissue and skin. Within our blood are protein-rich platelets, which are the main actors that goes to work restoring our skin when it’s cut or damaged.

PRP is an excellent source of proteins such as keratinocytes and fibroblast growth factors, which all play different roles in repairing damaged tissue. PRP is derived from a small sample of your own blood that is purified through a specialized centrifuge. The centrifuge also optimizes the concentration of growth factors for potency.

Why Consider PRP Treatment?

The main benefits of PRP treatment are that it is a simple process, effective, and delivers long-term results. PRP harnesses the healing abilities of your own body and targets the areas where you need restoration and rejuvenation. PRP treatment is non-surgical and poses zero risks of allergic reaction. With a long history of success in knee replacement therapy, PRP is one of the most exciting areas of cosmetic medicine with nearly limitless potential.

PRP Therapy offers a number of benefits such as:

  • PRP is “autologous,” meaning your own tissues are used, eliminating any chance of allergic reaction.
  • Long-term rejuvenation, as the essential growth factors signal your body to naturally reduce and eliminate lines, folds, and wrinkles. Patients can schedule PRP treatments a few months apart at a time to see their best, long-term hair growth results.
  • Versatility. PRP applications may be used for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration
  • Men and Women can benefit from PRP treatments, achieving a revitalized appearance or treating early signs of hair loss.
  • Quick and Easy treatment sessions can have you in and out in under half an hour


Healthy, adult men and women who aim to revitalize their complexion may be ideal candidates for PRP skin treatment. If you are concerned about the appearance of fine lines, dull skin, discoloration, lax skin, and acne scars, PRP may be right for you.

Thinning hair, a more visible scalp, or other early signs of hair loss mean you may be ideal for PRP hair restoration. PRP restores hair follicle growth function in hair follicles that have gone dormant. PRP treatments are clinically proven to improve hair density. Candidates for PRP cosmetic or hair treatments should be in good overall health and free of skin conditions. Candidates should have reasonable expectations of their treatment and remember that the results of a treatment may require some time to appear.

Consultation – The Gillian Institute

PRP applications deliver incredible results for those who want to refresh their skin or address the early signs of hair loss. Dr. Kimberly Short practices a patient-oriented philosophy and tailors each treatment to the specific goals and anatomy of the patient. For example, some patients may come in with a facelift in mind, but their examination reveals that their aging symptoms may be effectively treated with a less-invasive, non-surgical treatment such as PRP therapy. Each consultation at the Gillian Institute is a personalized meeting where patients can point out their areas of concern and Dr. Short will walk through each treatment option in detail. Any questions or concerns are happily answered by Dr. Short or a member of her highly-trained staff. Dr. Short’s goal is for every patient to feel totally confident and comfortable about their treatment so that they look forward with excitement to the beautiful results they are about to achieve.

PRP Skin or the Dracula Facial

Celebrities and beauty experts alike are raving about the benefits of PRP skin treatments. Also known as the “Dracula Facial,” PRP skin rejuvenation is a cutting-edge treatment that gives you healthier, brighter, beautiful skin. PRP fluids are rich with potent growth factors, hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory proteins, and supportive proteins. When applied to the skin, these cellular agents go to work to restore and repair soft tissues. Combined with a microchanneling treatment, PRP therapy provides deep, penetrative, long-lasting rejuvenation. The fine needles will create pathways to your deep dermis, which improves your body’s ability to absorb the PRP serum into your skin. The PRP serum will jumpstart your skin’s natural healing processes, as well as the promote the production of collagen within your skin. Over the weeks following your Dracula Facial, newer, fuller and healthier skin will work its way to the surface. Thanks to the microchanneling with PRP, the appearance of your scars, large pores, and wrinkles will all be improved, and your skin will have youthful volume and glow.

PRP for Hair Loss

If you have noticed thinning hair, a growing bald patch or more visible parting of your hair, you are not alone. Millions of men and women are experiencing some form of hair loss and more than half of men will be affected by hair loss. With PRP treatments, there is now a non-surgical, clinically-proven treatment option. Hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is an extremely common issue that can significantly impact your appearance and undermine your self-confidence. The exact reasons for hair loss are not entirely clear, but studies have shown that genetics, stress, lifestyle, and hormones play important parts.

Hair growth occurs in three main stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen is the main growth phase and can last years. Your hair spends most of its time in this phase. Hair stops growing when it enters the catagen phase and becomes fully matured during the telogen phase. Hair follicles shed when they are in the telogen phase.

Naturally, humans will shed hair to the tune of about 100 follicles daily. Many people mistakenly believe shedding hair is the reason for hair loss, but the reality is that hair loss is due to hair follicles spending less and less time in the anagen phase, meaning lack of hair growth is the main issue. In many cases, individuals can experience a temporary hair loss phase where hair follicles experience extended time between growth cycles. This means the individual’s potential for regrowing hair is still healthy and strong. PRP treatments are ideal for helping those in the early stages of hair loss or those who are experiencing temporary stalls in their hair growth cycles.

During a PRP treatment, PRP is injected roughly every half inch throughout the area where thinning or baldness is occurring. Thanks to the growth factors in the PRP, the hair follicles are restored to a healthier, prolific state.

The Science of PRP

PRP treatments were originally developed and have a long history of successful use in dentistry and orthopedics. The active agent in this treatment is the PRP serum, which is derived from autologous blood samples that have been processed through a centrifuge. The PRP serum is a high concentration of essential growth factors such as PDGF, VEGF, EGF, and TGF-β. The PRP fluid is prepared on-site as you wait.

These growth factors are immune privileged, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, pro-vascular, and cytoprotective. Basically, these growth factors function as messengers in your body that signal treated areas to repair damage and build fresh, new tissue.

PRP Procedure Experience

PRP therapies are performed in-office and are non-surgical treatments. As an outpatient procedure, you may be in and out from your session in less than half an hour depending on the goals of the treatment.

On the day of your treatment, a small blood sample will be drawn and transferred to a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a specialized processing device that separates waste materials out of your blood sample, leaving a valuable concentration of PRP.


If microchanneling is included with your treatment, an advanced microchanneling device will create controlled wounds in targeted areas of your skin, which are easily healed. A topical numbing cream is applied before the treatment begins to ensure the patient is comfortable and kept pain-free during the microchanneling process. PRP serum is applied to the skin, achieving deep-tissue regeneration. In conjunction with the microchanneling treatment, fresh collagen production and healing processes are kicked into high gear. Similarly, the PRP that is injected for hair restoration will jumpstart the healthy, natural function of your hair follicles.

Recovery / Results

Redness of the treated area is common and may take about a week to fully clear up. Avoid excess sun exposure, and be sure to apply moisturizers to ensure the best results possible.

In the following weeks after the treatment session, your results will become more apparent. Patients who received microchanneling with PRP will notice their skin is brighter and firmer. In the weeks and months after treatment, your skin will continue to produce fresh collagen and heal damaged tissues. Fine lines, folds, and wrinkles will soften as skin volume and elasticity is restored. The results of a treatment can last as long as two years. For those who choose hair restoration, noticeable reduction in hair shedding can occur as soon as a month after treatment. Follow-up treatment sessions performed during hair growth phases are often recommended to achieve even better results.

Cost of PRP Cosmetic and Hair Treatment in Indianapolis

Every treatment performed by Dr. Short and the Gillian Institute is 100% customized to the goals and anatomy of the patient. PRP has a particularly versatile application for a wide range of treatments and the cost of treatment will vary.

A customized quote will be provided at the end of your consultation. If you would like to learn more about what PRP can do to restore your body to its beautiful, healthy function, call The Gillian Institute to schedule your private consultation today.