Many women would love to correct their breast asymmetry. They fear that even a slight, imperceptible imbalance may still register on the instinctual level where people judge what they find physically attractive. Fret no longer. Dr. Kimberly Short wants to help you unlock the flawless goddess within you.

Dr. Short approaches every patient with an artist’s eyes, a surgeon’s hands and a feminine touch. She is an accomplished plastic surgeon who has founded her own practice, the Gillian Institute, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Before that, she went through extensive training alongside national experts in aesthetic surgery. She has a broad knowledge of the safest and most modern techniques with specialties in the fields of laser surgery, skincare, chemical peeling and endoscopic surgery for the face and breast.

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About Breast Asymmetry

There are many causes for breast asymmetry. Fortunately, there are just as many solutions available to you at the Gillian Institute. It’s important to remember that some mild asymmetry is completely normal. Many women struggle with it. Equally important to keep in mind is that there is something you can do about it.

Your breast asymmetry may be genetic. Perhaps it is something you’ve noticed ever since you first started developing. An imbalance caused by certain life experiences is also very common. Breast asymmetry may be the result of dramatic weight loss, such as the kind witnessed after bariatric surgery. The stress put on the body from childbirth and breastfeeding can certainly leave things looking a little out of proportion, too. If that’s the case, perhaps you’re in need of a Mommy Makeover in more ways than one.

Learn the latest on all the procedures at the Gillian Institute by keeping up with our blog. If you have undergone an unacceptable breast enhancement procedure, a noticeable asymmetry is a clear indication of the need for a Breast Implant Revision, or perhaps a Breast Implant Refresh and Removal. These situations present the perfect opportunity to upgrade your look and refresh your style. Consult with a doctor first to see which options best suit your unique needs.


  • Genetic factors
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Necessity for a breast implant revision, refresh or removal

Breast Augmentation for Breast Asymmetry 

If you’re unhappy about the unbalanced size or orientation of your breasts, why not go bigger? Augmenting one or both of your breasts will do more than bring balance to your life. It will enhance your whole appearance!


We tease in the office that breasts are like snowflakes. No two are alike—not even on the same person! That’s why we provide a personalized approach to breast augmentation for every patient. 

Dr. Kimberly Short

During your private, in-depth consultation, you and Dr. Short will determine which augmentation approach will be the best for you. Dr. Short will arrive at her determination based on your aesthetic goals, your medical history and her years of experience performing breast augmentation procedures in Indianapolis, IN, and its surrounding communities.

There are several approaches to breast augmentation which we will discuss in some detail below. But, if you want a comprehensive breakdown of your enhancement options, call (317) 913-3260 or (317) 787-3260 to schedule your private, in-depth consultation with Dr. Kimbery Short at the Gillian Institute.


  • Techniques and incisions
  • Types of implants
  • Fat transfer alternatives

Implant Types and Techniques for Breast Asymmetry 

Your unique case may qualify you for the state-of-the-art Keller Funnel technique of breast implantation. The Keller Funnel offers some unique advantages. It is a no-touch technique that lowers the likelihood of contamination during the procedure. The funnel also reduces the need for large incisions while providing more placement options. Finally, it decreases your time spent in surgery, which, in turn, will decrease any possible strain to your body or the implant, ensuring a safe and speedy procedure.

Dr. Short’s vast experience with breast augmentation means that you will have an array of options available as to the types of FDA-approved implants to consider for correcting your breast asymmetry. We preview some of these options below.


Saline implants are filled with an innocuous, salt-water saline solution. For personal reasons, some women choose saline over the traditional (and more natural-feeling) silicone implants for their breast augmentation procedure. The saline implants do present an advantage in the unlikely event of a rupture; the saline solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body.


The advantage of these implants lies within their cohesive gel filling. The thick silicone gel inside these implants more closely replicates the look and feel of real breast tissue. The hardy, cohesive gel is more likely to maintain its shape over the long term, as well.


You may wish to take advantage of one of the most recent advancements in breast implant technology. The Mentor Xtra is composed of a new kind of silicone-based filler that is stable and firm while maintaining a soft and natural texture. The Mentor Xtra is versatile. It can be placed over the chest muscles of a wider range of patients—even those with smaller breasts. Close to the skin’s surface, its advanced silicone filler maintains a realistic look and response.


In Fat Transfer, Dr. Short will harvest your own fat from other areas of your body to achieve your subtle, natural-looking results. The technique can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other enhancement procedures for correcting breast asymmetry. The subtle results are perfect for women only seeking to go up a cup size or two. Best of all, your results will look and feel natural because your vital fat cells will graft to existing cells where they will continue to live and grow.

Breast Lift for Breast Asymmetry 

If the source of your asymmetry is a deviation in their orientation, then a basic Breast Lift procedure might be all you need to get the girls on the same page. A breast lift is often partnered with either a breast augmentation or Reduction procedure as part of your comprehensive chest enhancement package. The procedures all share a similar set of incisions, discussed in detail below.


This procedure requires a simple incision that encircles the areola (the nipple and its surrounding tissue). Dr. Short employs this technique if the patient is only interested in reorienting her nipples upward so that the breasts appear more youthful and perky. In cases of asymmetry, the procedure may be used to correct divergent or crosswise nipples.


The “lollipop” incision is very popular with patients. The incision pattern resembles its namesake as it encircles the nipple and connects to a downward, vertical incision at the under-breast. From there, Dr. Short may stretch and excise tissue as necessary to achieve the desired results and bring your breasts into balance.


This technique adds a horizontal incision at the underbreast for a more involved procedure. The Wise Pattern is most often implemented to correct sagging tissue in cases of dramatic weight loss.

Breast Reduction for Asymmetry

Rather than augmentation, some patients wish to correct breast asymmetry by way of a Breast Reduction procedure to one or both breasts. Deciding her ideal breast size is a woman’s right and her personal preference. Wherever your preferences lie, Dr. Short is here to help with two possible breast reduction techniques to choose from.


Scarless breast reduction only requires a small incision for the insertion of a narrow liposuction cannula. This technique gently reduces the size of the target breast by removing fat tissue on jets of reverse pressure. It is considered ideal for younger patients seeking subtle change.


Standard breast reduction usually begins with a lollipop incision around the nipples (as seen in the breast lift). From here, Dr. Short will be able to shape the size and orientation of your breasts in accordance with your aesthetic goals.

Breast Implant Revision, Refresh or Removal for Asymmetry 

If you’ve already had an augmentation procedure performed at some point in your past, your breast asymmetry may be related to that procedure. If this is the case, then Dr. Short may opt for Breast Implant Revision surgery as a means to correct it.

If your breast augmentation procedure took place between 10 and 15 years ago, the asymmetry you notice may be a good indicator that you are due for a Breast Implant Refresh or Removal. Many people don’t know that breast implants are not intended to last forever. They must be periodically refreshed and replaced to maintain optimum safety and an attractive appearance.

Balance is Beautiful

Dr. Kimberly Short is an accomplished plastic surgeon and a woman, too. At the Gillian Institute in Indianapolis, IN, she will employ both her surgical training and her artistic vision to restore symmetry to your breasts. There is a flawless goddess somewhere inside you and Dr. Short wants to help you set her free!


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