Diet and exercise can shape your body, but some facial features are difficult to alter. If you want a pronounced, rugged jawline, there simply is no workout routine to deliver the results you seek.

Dr. Kimberly Short can help sculpt your profile to create a striking jawline that reflects your best self. Under Dr. Short’s leadership, The Gillian Institute celebrates the male physique from head to toe. Although cosmetic surgery is stereotypically a female pursuit, our Indianapolis team has pioneered surgical solutions to suit masculine aesthetic needs.

To benefit from Dr. Short’s expertise, contact our offices at your earliest convenience. We have two locations, so you can reach us in Downtown Indianapolis at (317) 787-3260 or Northside Indianapolis at (317) 913-3260. The Gillian Institute is also offering virtual consultations to those who cannot visit in person. No matter where you log on, Dr. Short wants to connect. 

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a procedure in which fat cells are removed from one specified area of the body to another. Dr. Short can collect excess bulk from regions such as the neck or abdomen with a special harvesting (liposuction) cannula to gently remove fat cells. These fat cells are then transferred, or re-implanted, to the facial area(s) to improve the appearance of the jawline, provide projection to the chin, and enhance the angles for improved masculine traits.[1]

The harvested fat cells are treated very carefully to ensure the longevity of the desired outcome. Dr. Short re-injects the fat grafts through a special “Coleman” injecting cannula that is designed for the facial area. The blunt instrumentation minimizes bruising and swelling to the facial areas. Dr. Short’s fat grafting technique allows the transfer of fat grafts in small aliquots (portions) within the dermal layer rather than large clumps, creating a very smooth contour. By performing this technique with emphasis on minimizing trauma to the fat grafts, the survival of the fat grafts is extremely high and results are long-lasting.

Fillers for a Chiseled Jawline

There are potential obstacles to using fat transfer as a means for crafting a strong, pronounced jaw. Some people simply do not have enough viable fat cells to contribute to the process. In other cases, the facial tissue does not accept the transferred fat cells, flushing them away naturally.

To address these issues, Dr. Short may turn to dermal fillers as a way to plump the perfect profile. Fillers are injected under the skin precisely and artfully, bringing definition to the treated area. Many fillers are formulated from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body that cradles moisture and fills gaps beneath the skin. Our other line of fillers are made of microspheres, which create a scaffolding to give your jaw a sturdy support system.

While dermal fillers may provide facial contours for up to two years, there is an even more long-lasting option. A chin implant can add prominence to your profile, propping up the jawline and allowing you to put your best face forward!

Benefits – Why The Gillian Institute?

Dr. Kimberly Short has been performing fat grafting, dermal fillers, and facial sculpting for improved facial definition for over 15 years. Specifically, she has adopted and perfected the “Coleman” technique, the most widely used technique and instrumentation in the United States. Dr. Short trained with Dr. Sydney Coleman to bring the Coleman technique to her patients at The Gillian Institute with an unparalleled sense of precision and artistry.[2]

Structural fat grafting is a procedure used to restore fullness and provide enhanced angularity for males. Fat grafting is a natural option for facial reshaping that produces long-lasting results, creating soft, natural contour changes.


  • Harnesses the power of your body’s own cells
  • Two-fold results: slimming and structuring
  • Reduces bulk where you don’t want it
  • Adds definition to the jawline and strength to the overall look of the face
  • Boosts confidence

To experience the benefits above for yourself, contact The Gillian Institute in Indianapolis.

Eligible Candidates

Eligibility for fat transfer involves two major requirements: you must have enough viable fat cells to donate to the procedure, and your jawline needs to be ready to accept these cells. Dr. Short can assess your skin tone to determine if fat grafts are the best approach to transform your appearance, or if an alternative strategy may work better.

Due to the relationship between the blood supply and survivability of the fat grafts, cessation of smoking is required a minimum of 3-6 months prior to surgery for optimal results.

If dermal fillers are better suited to your facial enhancement needs, Dr. Short can recommend the right solution for a chiseled jaw. Please contact The Gillian Institute to determine your candidacy for injectables and/or fat transfer.

Private Consultation in Indianapolis

Communication is essential to any successful project. We want to hear about your medical history, your current perception of your jawline, and your future goals. As part of a continued effort to communicate our knowhow to the greater Indianapolis region, we update our blog regularly. The blog posts capture our dedication to improvement and our commitment to innovation.

It is important to address any concerns with Dr. Short at the time of your consultation. There is some risk, as with any surgical procedure. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusual. Dr. Short can explain the procedure and its potential risks in detail in order to determine if fat grafting is the best aesthetic solution for you.


During your consultation, Dr. Short and her associates will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare you for your fat transfer procedure. These will be tailored to your anatomy and medical history, so please follow your directions closely.

You may be advised to stop taking blood thinners two weeks before your procedure. Dr. Short wants to ensure your successful surgery and rapid recovery, so optimal circulation is key. If you have any questions regarding your preparation for facial fat grafting, please contact our Indianapolis offices. One of our friendly staff members can direct your inquiries and/or provide the information you need.


When you arrive for your procedure, the medical team will review the details of your fat grafting procedure and verify that you understand and comply with the treatment plan. Your doctor will mark your skin along the donor site where unwanted fat deposits will be removed. She will also trace along your jawline to indicate where the extracted fat cells will be transferred.

The incisions used for harvesting and transferring the fat grafts are 1-2 cm and are very well hidden. The incisions are closed with very fine sutures, which will be removed approximately 3-5 days after your surgery. To improve your jawline appearance, Dr. Short may recommend removal of fat from the neck area to emphasize the jaw with a more desired angle. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under light or general anesthesia. The procedure will typically take between 1½ and 2½ hours.

Healthy Recovery

Light dressings will be placed over the incisions which will be covered with skin glue adhesive and steri-strips. A compression wrap, or binder, should be worn against the donor site, which is usually the neck or abdomen, for 1-2 weeks following the surgery. This garment aids in reducing swelling as quickly as possible. Light activities may be performed after 1 week and lifting may be resumed after 2 weeks.

Sleeping at a 45-degree angle is recommended for the first 7-10 days to reduce swelling to the facial area.  A cooling mask (designed by the NASA program) may be used instead of regular ice application. This mask provides cooling temperatures in a uniform manner directly after surgery. You should anticipate swelling and bruising for the first 2 weeks. Oral medications recommended prior to surgery, Arnica and Bromelain, may reduce these effects following your procedure. The use of the external ultrasound as post-operative massage will reduce the swelling as well as any areas of firmness. You will need a caretaker for the first 24-36 hours after the procedure. It is imperative to appoint a trusted adult prior to surgery who will drive you home and remain with you afterward.

Amazing Results

As the swelling subsides, your strong new facial features will emerge. Dr. Short is a true craftsperson, and she can showcase your best angles without compromising your natural look.


  • An improved profile
  • More definition to the jawline
  • Contours that work in conjunction with the face and neck

To get a glimpse of your facial future, take a look at our positive reviews. Satisfaction is our top priority at The Gillian Institute, and we look forward to adding you to our roster of happy, healthy clientele.

Complementary and Alternative Procedures 

Now that you are envisioning your ideal jawline, let’s take a step back and think about where you can harvest viable fat cells. Most guys struggle with excess bulge around the belly, so Dr. Short may collect material from your love handles via liposuction.

If you prefer a non-surgical approach to shedding excess fat, consider CoolSculpting at The Gillian Institute. Customized applicators target unwanted fat by beaming intense cold beneath the surface of your skin. Once the unwanted fat cells are frozen into submission, your body flushes them away through the lymphatic system.

Regardless of the improvement strategy you choose, Dr. Short can copilot your journey toward excellence! Call (317) 787-3260 for our Downtown Indianapolis location or (317) 913-3260 to reach our Northside office.

More FAQs


The cost of your procedure will depend on how the fat is harvested and the extent of your potential transfer. The Gillian Institute is proud to offer financing options to bring your goals within reach. We insist on delivering the best care at the right price.


Fat transfer is an excellent way to provide long-lasting results by utilizing your own fat cells to fill out the look of your face. If you do not possess enough excess or viable fat deposits on your body, Dr. Short may suggest dermal fillers to do the job instead. These injectable solutions boost your collagen production and plump your profile. Some dermal fillers last for up to two years, so you can get a preview of your ideal jawline. Perhaps you can transition to fat grafting after that time if you like what you see!


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