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The Gillian Institute’s Philosophy: Breast Surgery

The Gillian Institute’s philosophy on breasts is to treat each patients breast as “individualized,” customizing options based on each individual person’s desires and wishes for breast rejuvenation. Our philosophy is to assess each patient’s own expectations and every surgery is individualized to best fit each patient’s specific needs. Our doctors are dedicated to educating each patient on their choices and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each decision. The Gillian Institute often makes the comparison between breasts and snowflakes because “Each Breast is Unique, Just Like a Snowflake.” This approach is followed during the consultation because we will pay special attention to understanding your expectations on achieving an attractive, feminine aesthetic breast shape and breast volume.

Our goal for patients considering breast surgery is for their shape to remain as natural as possible. Whether the patient is undergoing a breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation, it is important to maintain the natural, feminine shape of the breast.

It is important to emphasize each patient’s anatomy and each surgery is individualized to fit each patient’s expectations and desires. Breast aesthetics should represent an overall visual of body proportions and our surgeons strive to maintain the feminine contours of the breast. Many women consider breast augmentation to enhance the size of their breasts, while others are more interested in obtaining a lift or filling up the loose skin which has resulted from pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Dr. Short is one the premier breast surgeons in the Midwest and breast augmentation and reshaping is one of her most common procedures performed at the Gillian Institute. Dr. Short performed an extensive six-month fellowship in Aesthetic Breast Surgery in Norfolk, Virginia as well as perfecting the revolutionary technique for breast re-shaping referred to as the SPAIR technique. Fewer than 10% of practicing plastic surgeons have done fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Short has also been selected to attend annual leadership meetings to voice her recommendations and her vision for the future of breast surgery.

Dr. Short is an active member of educational forums and advanced sessions which include an elite group of surgeons around the United States to cultivate solutions and discuss upcoming advancements that will ultimately shape the future of breast aesthetics and breast implant technology.

Customizing Breast Surgery: The “ART” of Breast Enlargement and Breast Re-Shaping

For all Breast consultations, Dr. Short will take a series of breast and chest measurements and she will evaluate the pre-existing breast tissue, the position of the nipple, and the skin envelope characteristics of the breast to determine a customized treatment plan for each patient for breast rejuvenation.

Each patients anatomy must be considered to provide desired proportions following surgery. Communication and listening skills are also an important quality to represent to patients to ensure their expectations and desires are achieved. Dr. Short is visual with her communication style and discussing realistic results to patients.

A visual tool is an easy way to determine the patients vision is the same as the surgeon’s. Plastic Surgery and Re-shaping the breast is an “art” form, Dr. Short offers patients her female artist’s point of view with maintaining the feminine contours and providing a more lifted, youthful breast appearance.

Breast surgery offers not only an improvement in the breast appearance and shape but also an improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence.