You’ve probably heard of liposuction, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country, but what about the skin that’s left behind after the procedure? Liposuction is excellent for removing stubborn fat, but it doesn’t tackle the issue of loose skin that can occur with aging or weight loss.

That’s where Renuvion comes into play. Not only can Renuvion be used as a standalone treatment for skin tightening, but it can also be added at the end of a liposuction procedure to enhance your results. It’s a game-changer in the world of aesthetic treatments, offering a minimally invasive option that addresses loose skin directly at its source.

What Is Renuvion®?

Renuvion is the only FDA-cleared device for use after liposuction and for contracting subcutaneous tissue. This cutting-edge cosmetic procedure utilizes a unique combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten and smooth the skin. This blend of technologies allows for precise skin tightening and tissue coagulation.

The Renuvion procedure is minimally invasive, meaning smaller incisions, less scarring and quicker recovery times compared to traditional surgical methods of skin removal or tightening.

What Areas Can Renuvion® Treat?

Here’s a breakdown of the primary areas where Renuvion excels in skin tightening:

  • Body Contouring: Ideal for those with loose skin on various areas of the body, whether as a result of liposuction, aging or weight loss.
  • Facial Rejuvenation: If you’re looking for a minimally invasive option to rejuvenate your face, Renuvion smooths and tightens the skin, giving you a fresher appearance.
  • Neck and Submental Region: Loose skin in the neck and beneath the chin can be particularly bothersome. Renuvion targets these specific areas, offering a more defined and youthful look.

Renuvion® Applications

Standalone or Complementary Skin Tightening Treatment

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, Renuvion stands out for its versatility and range of applications. It can be integrated into a liposuction procedure to address any loose skin left behind, elevating your overall results. Alternatively, Renuvion can be used on its own for skin tightening and rejuvenation, particularly addressing skin laxity in the face and neck.

Customized Handpieces for Targeted Treatment

Renuvion features specialized handpieces designed for different treatment areas. These handpieces deliver radiofrequency energy and/or helium plasma precisely where needed, ensuring optimal results. Whether you’re focusing on the neck, the submental region (beneath the chin), or larger areas of the body, there’s a handpiece designed for your target area.

What to Expect During Your Renuvion® Procedure

Preparing the Treatment Area

Once you’re in the treatment room, the first step we’ll take is preparing the area that will undergo the Renuvion treatment. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove any oils, dirt or makeup, ensuring a clean surface for the procedure.

Making the Incisions

Renuvion requires small incisions for inserting the Renuvion device into the treatment area. Rest assured, these incisions are typically tiny and strategically placed by your Gillian Institute board-certified plastic surgeon to minimize any visible scarring.

Applying Helium Plasma and RF Energy

Once the incisions are made, the next step is the application of helium plasma energy. Your surgeon will use the appropriate Renuvion handpiece, designed specifically for your treatment area, to apply this energy to the targeted layer of your skin.

In addition to helium plasma, Renuvion also utilizes radiofrequency energy. The device releases this combination to target the tissue beneath the skin. The dual-action of helium plasma and radiofrequency energy works to contract the tissue, leading to a firmer and smoother appearance.

Real-Time Monitoring for Customized Treatment

Throughout the procedure, your surgeon will have the ability to monitor the treatment in real-time. This ensures that the energy is applied effectively and safely, allowing for adjustments as needed. This level of control is part of what makes Renuvion so customizable, as it can be tailored to meet your specific aesthetic goals.

Closing the Incisions

After the helium plasma and radiofrequency energy have been applied, the incisions will be closed. These are usually so small that they may not even require stitches, but this can vary depending on the specific treatment area and the discretion of your surgeon.

Who Are Good Candidates for Renuvion®?

If you’ve recently undergone liposuction and are concerned about loose skin, Renuvion might be the solution for you. It’s also ideal for those who have experienced skin laxity due to aging or weight loss. Renuvion treatment is limited to patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I, II or III, so patients with darker skin types may not be good candidates.

At your consultation, we’ll review your medical history, skin type and concerns to determine if you’re a good candidate for Renuvion.

What to Expect During Renuvion® Recovery

Because Renuvion is minimally invasive, you can expect shorter recovery times and less discomfort than more invasive surgical options. Immediately after your procedure, you will likely experience some redness and swelling in the treated area, most of which should resolve within a few days. Over-the-counter pain medication is usually sufficient to alleviate any discomfort you might experience.

The exact amount of downtime needed can vary based on the area treated and your body’s natural healing process. Some patients can return to regular activities within a few days, while others may need to take it easy for a week or two.

What Results Can I Expect From Renuvion®?

You’ll likely notice immediate skin tightening after Renuvion, with optimal results appearing over the course of three to six months. The longevity of these results can vary based on individual factors, but they often last several years.


How Much Does Renuvion® Cost in Indianapolis, IN?

The cost of a Renuvion treatment can vary based on the area being treated, the complexity of the procedure and the expertise of your plastic surgeon. At your consultation at the Gillian Institute in Indianapolis, we’ll be able to provide you with the most accurate pricing for your Renuvion procedure.

How Does Liposuction Affect Skin Laxity?

You might be considering liposuction as a way to remove unwanted fat and contour your body. While liposuction is effective for fat removal, the procedure can sometimes lead to increased skin laxity. Why does this happen? When the volume of fat is reduced in a specific area, the skin that once stretched to accommodate that fat may not retract fully. This can result in looser, sagging skin, especially if your skin elasticity is already compromised due to factors like aging or sun damage.

Unlike liposuction, which focuses solely on fat removal, Renuvion aims to tighten the skin. Combining Renuvion with your liposuction procedure offers a comprehensive approach that addresses both unwanted fat deposits and loose skin.

How Does the Science Behind Renuvion® Technology Work?

When it comes to skin tightening, Renuvion employs a unique approach that sets it apart from other aesthetic treatments. It’s not just about surface-level changes; Renuvion goes deeper to address the underlying issues that contribute to skin laxity.

Here’s a closer look at how this groundbreaking technology works to give you firmer, smoother skin.

Helium Plasma Energy: The Core of Renuvion Skin Tightening

The key ingredient in Renuvion’s technology is helium plasma energy. Unlike other treatments that may use laser or ultrasound energy, Renuvion utilizes helium plasma — a highly energized state of helium — to achieve its skin-tightening effects. This form of energy is applied to a very thin layer of your skin during the procedure.

Targeting the Subdermal Layer

What makes Renuvion truly unique is its ability to target the subdermal layer of the skin, which is the layer just beneath the surface. This is crucial because the subdermal layer is where much of the skin’s structural integrity resides. By focusing on this layer, Renuvion addresses the root cause of skin laxity rather than just treating the symptoms.

The Process of Tissue Contraction

Once the helium plasma energy is applied, it interacts with the fibrous bands in the subdermal layer, causing them to contract. This contraction pulls the skin tighter, leading to a firmer, more youthful appearance. The energy is highly controlled, allowing for precise targeting of specific areas that need tightening.

Is Renuvion® Safe?

One of the advantages of Renuvion’s helium plasma is its ability to achieve effective tissue contraction with minimal thermal impact. This means less risk of burns or scarring, which is a concern with some other skin-tightening methods. The lower thermal profile also contributes to quicker recovery times, allowing you to get back to your regular activities sooner. In addition, the real-time monitoring ability of Renuvion further enhances the safety and efficacy of the procedure.

Experience Tighter, Smoother Skin With Renuvion® in Indianapolis

If you’re intrigued by what Renuvion can offer, don’t hesitate to contact the Gillian Institute to learn more. Schedule your virtual consultation or in-person visit at our Indianapolis plastic and cosmetic surgery office today and find out if Renuvion is the right choice for you!