The JKS Surgery Institute was created on the philosophy of offering a state-of-the-art surgical facility, proving patients a comfortable, safe, and confidential environment. This facility was based on the idea of continuity of patient care and delivering consistent excellence in patient care and patient safety.

The JKS Surgery Institute is an AAAASF Accredited Facility staffed by board certified anesthesiologists specializing in plastic and outpatient patient surgery and a seasoned surgical staff. All staff members have been selected based on their knowledge and experience in the plastic surgery field. The JKS Surgery Institute includes a preoperative and recovery area, two operating room suites, a surgery nursing station, an overnight suite, a confidential area for consultation for families and friends, and a private entrance.

The JKS Surgery Institute offers patients individual attention, compassionate treatment approaches and a confidential atmosphere. The JKS Surgery Institute allows patients to relax and feel comfortable while going through the surgical experience with a nursing staff member by their side for guidance and assurance. A strong emphasis is placed on safety and personalized plastic surgical care to make for an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Short’s philosophy of individualized patient care is delivered by all clinical staff members and patients appreciate the attention to detail and compassion from their anesthesiologists and nursing staff. The nursing staff offer an open communication style to families and friends whom are waiting for loved ones and patient’s caregivers leave the day feeling confident with a review of post-operative instructions and planning tips.

An overnight suite is available for patients whom will stay overnight at the JKS Surgery facility as either preferred or required by Dr. Kimberly Short for monitoring purposes. The overnight suite provides privacy for patients and families, and includes a recliner, a bed, and a flat screen HDTV with a DVD player.

JKS Surgery Institute Recovery Area

AAAASF is considered the “Gold Standard” for outpatient surgical facility accreditation and was the first agency to begin accrediting outpatient surgical facilities. AAAASF is the largest non-for-profit organization for accreditation of ambulatory surgical facilities in the United States. The JKS Surgical Facility is an AAAASF Accredited Facility since its conception. This facility is able to address all needs of a patient having surgery, whether its local anesthesia, general anesthesia or monitored anesthesia, from preoperative care and testing, surgery itself, and post-operative care. This facility is capable of handling emergency issues and the JKS clinical staff is fully licensed under the American Heart Association for the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Program including the use of CPR & AED treatments.

The JKS Surgery strives for patient care excellence and patient safety as number one priority. The JKS Surgery Institute has the capacity to stabilize a patient and has a transfer agreement in place with the nearby hospitals to transfer patients as deemed necessary for further treatment and care. Dr. Kimberly Short has been credentialed at several Indianapolis hospitals and maintains privileges for all the procedures she performs at her facility. Dr. Kimberly Short primarily performs and prefers to perform all her procedures at her own facility, JKS Surgery, of course.


Our Anesthesia Group selected to perform anesthesia at the JKS Surgery Institute are all board certified anesthesiologists specializing in outpatient surgery and plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Short has personally been placed under anesthesia by members of the anesthesia group and admires their technical skills, compassion, and integrity in medicine. The anesthesiologists granted privileges at JKS Surgery Institute have been personally selected by Dr. Kimberly Short.

Dr. Kimberly Short understands the responsibility held by the anesthesiologist in administering medications to her patients and monitoring their vitals during the procedure and waking her patients following completion of the procedure.

Dr. Kimberly Short understands the risks involved and the difficulty for patients relinquishing “control” to a board certified anesthesiologist and the responsibility granted to this physician. The board certified anesthesiologists have privileges and are active in practice at the local hospitals as well. The JKS Surgery Institute also has female anesthesiologists available for patients who prefer this option.

Patient comfort and confidentiality are always a priority for our anesthesiologists. Our anesthesiologists at the JKS Surgery Institute also implement a very good preventative protocol to minimize post-operative nausea. This anesthesia approach among many allow our patients the most optimal surgical experience possible with attention to every detail.