Areola Reduction

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Areola Reduction Indianapolis

Areola reduction is a safe cosmetic breast procedure that reduces the size of the areola, improving the breasts’ visual appearance and boosting patients’ self-confidence. It’s a well-known fact that the appearance of our breasts is important for our psychological well-being, which may be negatively affected by distortions of their size and shape.(1) Macrothelia, the medical name for large areolas, is a relatively common condition that can cause psychological distress in both women and men. (2) 


  • Reduces the size of the areolas surrounding the nipple
  • Can correct asymmetrical areola appearance
  • Improves aesthetic presentation of the breast
  • Boosts self-esteem and body confidence

Societal beauty ideals, as well as bodily upheavals such as pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to breast changes, which can cause considerable dissatisfaction and embarrassment for many of us. That’s why leading Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Kimberly Short wants to help! For a personalized cosmetic breast treatment plan, call (317) 913-3260 to book your consultation with Dr. Short today, and find out how she can help you restore your confidence!


Areola reduction treatment is available to both women and men. Female patients seeking areola reduction may want to address macrothelia that has been an aesthetic issue throughout their lives, or may be a new change in the appearance of the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. They may also wish to undergo areola reduction to complement a breast surgery. For men, areola reduction surgery can create a more masculine aesthetic for patients who experience gynecomastia.

Personal Consultation

Patients who want to change the size of their areola can arrange a personal appointment with Dr. Short. During this session, you will have the opportunity to discuss how the appearance of your breasts has affected you. She will then be able to assess your breasts physically and draw up an individualized treatment plan for you.


Prior to your areola reduction procedure, we will discuss the anesthesia method that will be used. After anesthesia is administered, during your areola reduction surgery, Dr. Short will excise a doughnut-shaped area of breast tissue and remove it. Following the natural curve of the border of your areola she will use expert skill to preserve a natural-looking appearance. She will then manipulate the tissue to an aesthetically pleasing position and carefully secure a permanent suture deep inside the breast tissue so that the scar can be hidden well. These stitches are dissolvable and will be reabsorbed by the body during the healing process. 

After your procedure, you may need to wear a special post-surgical wrap to ensure a comfortable recovery. Depending on the type of anesthesia used, and if any other surgery is planned for the same procedure, you may be able to go home straight afterwards. If a more complex breast surgery with general anesthesia is performed, Dr. Short will monitor you for a few hours after your procedure.

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Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

An areola reduction procedure can be performed as a standalone surgery or combined with other cosmetic breast surgery procedures.

Nipple Enhancement

For patients who are dissatisfied with their nipple prominence, Dr. Short can help! Correcting inversion of the nipples can be a good optional procedure to add onto your areola reduction treatment.

Breast Augmentation

As one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, breast augmentation can help patients achieve the breast shape they have always desired. Many women seek this procedure to increase their natural breast size or to restore breast shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast Asymmetry

A procedure to correct breast asymmetry can be conducted in conjunction with areola reduction. Consider combining these two procedures for noticeably balanced, well-proportioned breasts!

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You will be able to discuss your procedure costs with our knowledgeable staff prior to your surgery date. Your areola reduction procedure price will depend on your personal circumstances and whether or not you are combining other surgical procedures. For your convenience, this list contains approximate fees for our most common procedures.


How long is an areola reduction procedure?

Depending on individual circumstances, a standalone areola reduction procedure may take between 1-2 hours.

Can I get other breast surgeries at the same time as areola reduction?

Yes! Most skilled plastic surgeons will be able to combine an areola reduction with other cosmetic breast surgeries in the same procedure

Does areola reduction surgery cause a lot of pain?

Although every individual’s breasts have different pain tolerances, generally speaking, areola reduction surgery causes relatively little pain.


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