BodyTone is a non-invasive body strengthening and toning treatment that optimizes body muscles using bio-electrical currents. [1]  In under 30 minutes, this gentle yet powerful treatment gives patients the rigors of a hard workout within the confines of a comfortable cosmetic surgical office. In six short sessions, patients can target various muscle groups for better muscle definition in the arms, abdomen, and chest. With this innovative body toning solution, Dr. Kimberly Short and her exemplary staff of The Gillian Institute can help you step up your athletic appearance. Contact us for a consultation at one of our two locations in Indianapolis. Or reach us by calling (317) 913-3260 (Northside Indianapolis) or (317) 787-3260 (Downtown Indianapolis).


all of us know aging is a way of life, but only a few of us know that signs of aging can sprout up as early as 30 years old. Unfortunately, few of us know that this can happen as soon as we reach 30 years old! Studies have shown muscle mass, strength, and function hit their peak around this age. [2] This unfortunate process is called muscle atrophy or muscle deterioration. Mass decreases 3-8% per decade, then rapidly declines after age 60. BodyTone stops this trend by harnessing bioelectric energy pulses to different muscle groups to stop atrophy from taking place.

The power Bio-Electrical Muscle Stimulation (BEMS), a well-established method that sends gentle electrical impulses to motor neurons located in the central nervous system to make muscles contract. During regular activities or exercise, the brain sends electrical impulses to the motor point of the muscle that causes contraction. BodyTone aims to fast forward this process. These repeated muscle contractions from BodyTone improve blood flow and increase muscle fibers that often are only possible with a rigorous workout session. [3] Many patients feel the difference in just one session. With continued sessions,  BodyTone treatments produce a stronger, tighter core with well-defined muscles.


BodyTone provides patients with a toned and, tight body. Defined abdominals, toned arms and legs, and projected chest are something to look forward to with this innovative solution. Patients can also look forward to:

  • A vigorous workout of treated areas
  • Treating multiple areas in one session
  • Strengthening, toning, and defining targeted muscle areas
  • A safe, quick, non-surgical procedure
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Improved confidence

Ideal Candidates

BodyTone is for active individuals looking to sharpen their physique. This innovative treatment offers patients an extra push in toning their bodies. While BodyTone is a beneficial tool, it is not suitable for everyone.

Achieve the musculature you desire with a BodyTone procedure. Start the process by consulting with Dr. Short in Indianapolis. Or call our friendly staff at (317) 913-3260 (Northside Indianapolis) or (317) 787-3260 (Downtown Indianapolis).

Dr. Short recommends considering:

  • Have a BMI of 25 or less
  • Are not currently pregnant, nursing, or menstruating
  • Recovering from injury or surgery
  • Should not have implanted devices such as a pacemaker
  • Not view BodyTone as a weight loss program
  • Have realistic goals

Personal Consultation with Dr. Short

The Gillian Institute firmly believes in providing a well-guided, customized experience for each patient. Dr. Kimberly Short ensures every patient understands the benefits of their body enhancement journey. She created a state-of-the-art plastic surgery center to provide compassionate quality care amidst an elegant, relaxing environment in Downtown or Northside Indy.

Your comprehensive consultation will occur at any of our two convenient locations throughout the city. Together, we’ll discover your aesthetic desires and outcomes. This will help us understand how we can assist you on your journey. Next, we’ll conduct a brief examination of your areas of concern. Once Dr.

Short develops your treatment plan, we’ll discuss how a BodyTone treatment will provide an athletic musculature for your body. Finally, if you’re interested in the procedure, we’ll schedule your appointment.

Consult with Dr. Short today or call (317) 913-3260 (Northside Indianapolis) or (317) 787-3260 (Downtown Indianapolis). Can’t make it to the office? Not a problem. The Gillian Institute is proud to offer patients a virtual consultation. Just submit your information and photographs, and our office will be in touch. While you wait, have fun reading informative blog posts about other treatments we offer.


Once settled, you lie on your back. Our estheticians will prepare the BodyTone treatment by placing small square-shaped applicators on the targeted areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and biceps. The process involves three different stages.

  1. Warm-up: Our aesthetician turns on the device to release electrical currents through the skin and muscles. We’ll start off with a low setting so your body can get used to the treatment, similar to an introductory workout.
  2. Muscle Toning: We’ll increase the electrical current to a medium setting. This helps facilitate muscle definition and shape.
  3. Workout: The maximum setting is applied during this stage. This allows for breaking down and building muscle.

Throughout the process, a steady electrical current will contract your muscles in a rhythmic fashion that stimulates metabolism, increases blood flow, and tones muscles. [4][5] The different stages give your body a heavy workout by flexing and contracting targeted muscle groups. In under 30 minutes, BodyTone generates 20,000 muscle contractions. That is beyond what a normal day at the gym can do. According to Rohrer Aesthetics, the manufacturer of BodyTone, the treatment can create a 30% increase in muscle development. Despite all this, the treatment doesn’t hurt.

More information about the procedure

No Preparation Needed

Preparation isn’t necessary for your BodyTone treatment. All you need to do is come to your appointment on an empty stomach and bladder.


BodyTone treatment requires no downtime. You are free to go back to your daily routine once you finish. However, your body just went through a rigorous workout in just 30 minutes. As a result, you may feel minor soreness and tenderness in the treated area. This should resolve itself within two days. At that time, you can resume strenuous workouts.


Some improvements of toned muscles can be seen after treatment. Continued results will be visible around 6-10 weeks after the last session. We recommend patients schedule at least six BodyTone sessions 2-3 weeks apart to see heightened results. After these sessions, your body will develop muscles in the upcoming weeks. Your results can be maintained by making “touch up” every 2-6 months and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.


A BodyTone treatment depends on the recommendations outlined in your treatment plan. We consider the number of areas treated and the number of sessions required to achieve your desired look. We will discuss financial details at your consultation. There are helpful resources on our financial page to offer patients a peace of mind. We highly encourage everyone to be on the lookout for our specials.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

The Gillian Institute offers a diverse suite of surgical and non-surgical alternatives that produce sleeker contours to your body.

Your consultation with Dr. Short may explore other options, including:

Liposuction: This surgical enhancement uses a small cannula to break up and suction fat from targeted areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.

Abdominoplasty: Also known as a tummy tuck, this surgical procedure improves the midsection, removes excess skin, and restores symmetry to the whole body. The process involves removing excess skin so that Dr. Short can easily tighten up the abdominal wall and provide and slimmer, taut body.

CoolSculpting: CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body contouring treatment we offer. It targets exercise-resistant fat and subjects it to freezing temperatures so the body can naturally remove it gradually.

More FAQs


To see full results, patients are recommended to set up six treatments placed 2-3 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are also encouraged to maintain muscle strength and definition.


Patients may feel some soreness after treatment. After all, your body just went through an intense workout. Some patients may feel slight soreness equivalent to a strenuous workout, but this should dissipate after a few days.


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