There are a wide variety of products on the market claiming to correct blemishes and treat certain skin conditions, yet most of them fail to deliver. The Gillian Institute offers cutting edge treatments as well as professional products, to help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.

For beautiful skin renewal, the skin care specialists at The Gillian Institute recommend a customizable Chemical Peel.

Chemical Peels

Are you bothered with acne, fine lines, or dull skin? At The Gillian Institute, we have great skin care solutions that will transform your face and turn back the clock on aging. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, a chemical peel can help improve your appearance.

Many factors such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle can cause different skin issues. You can be a healthy person who eats well and exercises daily, but due to genetics, continue to have oily skin. Many of the peels that we offer, in conjunction with a good daily skin care regimen can diminish these issues and help balance your skin. If you are interested in learning more about how a chemical peel can improve the health and look of your skin, call to schedule a private consultation at the Gillian Institute today!

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels involve removing layers of skin to give you a smoother, more youthful look. At The Gillian Institute, you will have access to professional-grade, highly effective products that can not be sold over the counter. We recognize that everyone has unique skin and provide an array of options to treat the many different skin conditions that exist today. Every chemical peel we perform is customized to address the unique needs of our patients’ skin.

There are many different forms of chemical peels that will vary in efficacy. Lighter peels will exfoliate your skin with no downtime whereas more severe peels will require some downtime but leave you with a new layer of healthy skin. Your Aesthetician will work with you to determine which peel would be best for you based on your goals and the condition of your skin.


Some advantages of receiving a chemical peel include:

  • Removing dead skin cells
  • Producing a new, glowing layer of skin
  • Stimulating collagen
  • Reducing sun damage and dark spots
  • Diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creating smoother, more taut skin
  • Boosting Hyaluronic acid levels

A chemical peel will revitalize your skin and help make it appear younger. If you have been looking for a solution to improving your skin that does not require surgery, a peel may be your best solution. This treatment helps to improve the natural function of your skin and enhance your appearance.


Whatever your age, a chemical peel will truly transform your skin. This treatment is good for both men and women looking to promote a healthy texture and glow in their appearance. If you would like to address your fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, scars, large pores, or dry or oily skin, we have the perfect chemical peel for You! We recommend all individuals who are interested in a chemical peel to schedule a personal consultation with one of our Aestheticians. During this complimentary assessment, we will create a customized skin care regimen that is right for you and your unique skin.

The Gillian Institute – Top Skin Care Experts

During your personal consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your skin care concerns and develop a treatment plan. You will be asked about your skin care routine and any concerns you may have. Together, we will set up a regimen to help you achieve your skin care goals.

Our Aestheticians are highly-trained and will create a plan that is effective and healthy for your skin.

We tailor the ingredients and strength of every chemical peel we administer. The depth of a chemical peel will determine how dramatic your results are. Peels can be light, medium, or deep.


A light chemical peel acts more like an exfoliator and will remove the top layer of old, dead skin. This form of peel is used to improve uneven skin tone, acne, small facial lines, and dry skin. These peels can be performed as often as every two to five weeks.


With this peel, the epidermis and upper layer of the dermis are removed. A medium chemical peel will help the same symptoms as a light chemical peel, but more significantly. This peel may be administered every three to nine months.


A deep chemical peel will penetrate down to the lower dermis to improve wrinkles and scars. This type of peel may only be performed once every few years.

There are a few common types of chemical peel formulas, which will be customized to address your specific skin condition:


This peel varies in strength and has the ability to penetrate deep into your skin. If you are concerned with signs of aging and dark spots, this peel is excellent at turning back time.


If you have dry or sensitive skin, this milk-derived peel may be your ideal solution. This is a great starter peel and will return a bright luster to your skin.


Our Vitalize Peel is another great peel to start with. The acid in this treatment will reduce fine lines and aging spots.


This peel is effective in treating and reducing acne in patients of all ages. Salicylic acid will work to control oil, exfoliate the skin and reduce acne-causing bacteria.


TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and will swiftly remove dead and irregular skin cells. This treatment will reduce age spots, reduce fine lines, and improve your skin’s texture.


RevePeel is a medium peel that will address hyperpigmentation, age spots, melasma, and sun damage. RevePeel will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and shrink pores. The treatment can also combat existing acne and prevent future breakouts. Our Aestheticians will recommend the treatment that will be most effective on your skin and achieve your ideal goal. They will walk you through the chemical peel process and what the treatment recovery will be like, as well as potential risks and the expected outcome. We encourage you to ask lots of questions so you can be well informed and feel confident in your choice. If any questions are not addressed in your consultation, please give us a call so one of our expert staff members can assist you.


Prior to your treatment, you will want to avoid using any facial cleansers with active ingredients. You will also want to avoid working out or doing any activities that cause you to sweat. Sweating will dehydrate your skin and may cause irritation during the procedure.

The day of your chemical peel, be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and dress in a comfortable top that will not apply pressure to your face when being removed.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will lay down and your skin will be cleaned and prepped and your hair will be pulled back. The Aesthetician will then use a cotton ball, Q-tip, gauze or sponge to brush the solution on the predetermined area. The peel will likely sting and feel uncomfortable for about twenty minutes until the peel is either washed off with a neutralizing solution or cold compresses are applied. Depending on the type of peel, the whole procedure could take around an hour.


Be sure to follow any skin care instructions given after your peel. You will be informed of which skin care products you will need, in order to achieve the best results.


Be sure to follow any skin care instructions given after your peel. You will be informed of which skin care products you will need, in order to achieve the best results.


Following a medium peel, your skin will be sensitive, discolored, possibly swollen, and tight. Ice packs and ibuprofen can be used to alleviate any discomfort. Healing time is about 2 weeks.


With a deep peel, your skin will be swollen and very red. Your skin will be bandaged and pain medication will likely be prescribed to manage discomfort. Healing time is about two weeks at which point you can begin using makeup to cover up any redness.

Regardless of the depth of your peel, you will want to be particular about the skin care products you use. Consult with your skin care provider before applying makeup and sunscreen, and be sure to avoid direct sunlight. Most patients will need to return for a follow-up appointment to ensure you are healing well.


This skin resurfacing technique will do exactly what it claims. The depth of the peel will dictate how dramatic the results are. A light chemical peel can achieve the refresh your skin has been needing, while medium and deeper peels will make long-term and in some cases permanent improvements in the appearance of your skin.

Within a few days of the procedure, you will notice your skin improving and the dead, dull layer of skin exfoliating. The skin will be replaced with new skin that has less fine lines, dark spots, and dull skin.

Cost of Skin Peel

This customizable skin treatment will leave your skin glowing and smooth. Our personalized approach causes prices to vary between patients. To learn more about which peel is right for you, call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation at (317) 913-3260.