I cannot speak more highly of my experience at the Gillian Institute! The staff is incredibly friendly and Dr. Short’s skill and perfectionism are exactly what you want in a plastic surgeon. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift after losing 100+ lbs and you’d never know it after Dr. Short’s touch. I’m incredibly happy with the end results, but the tummy tuck in particular is almost unbelievable– I was very concerned about the ‘boxy’ look I’ve seen time and again in post-op pictures but Dr. Short somehow gave me an hourglass shape! I couldn’t be happier and definitely recommend her over all the other surgeons with whom I consulted.

by Carla A. in Indianapolis, IN


Dr. Short is amazing! I have had two procedures done at the North Side location and her staff was very helpful in deciding which filler to use and also minimized my pain above and beyond normal procedures. Dr. Short has a beautiful office and is also very professional. I walked out with two syringes in my lips and they were so natural that I went to work that night and the next day and no knew exactly what I had done but commented that I looked much better, which was even when they were at their peak swelling. Dr. Short took her time to hear my concerns and even followed up personally a few weeks after the procedure. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my body and happiness. THIS WOMAN IS SIMPLY AMAZING!! ALONG WITH HER STAFF! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their self.

by Ashley M. in Telfs, Austria


Amazing staff and Dr. Short is an artist as well as surgeon. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and couldn’t be happier with the results. As a RN, I did extensive research regarding plastic surgeons and know I chose the best around!

by Kelly in Indianapolis, IN


Dr. Short was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her.

by Angie Proctor in Greenwood, IN


I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Short and her staff. I felt comfortable and the results of my breast augmentation were exactly what I was hoping for. I brought in pictures of what I wanted and she delivered. I am 9 weeks out now and couldn’t be happier.

by Christina in Pendleton, IN


Dr. Short is an amazing Doctor. She helped me with my whole process and answered all my questions, I needed answered! I would recommend her to anyone.

by Samantha G. in Danville, In


I went in asking for a B cup and thank the lord the doctor realized how miserable i would be going that small because of all of my measurements. I came out of surgery a 34D and couldn’t be happier. No one even knows i had surgery unless i tell them thats how natural i look 🙂 She is a miracle worker and would never trust anyone else for future needs!

by Misty Cook


I am a 34 yr old mother with 2 children. I was never blessed with bigger breasts, but after having 2 children and a becoming a fitness competitor, I had nothing at all. Dr. Short answered all my questions with no problem and I always felt very comfortable with her and her whole staff. Great bunch of ladies! I had no post issues with my implants. Dr. Short recommended the perfect size and I’m so happy with them. It was completely worth it! I now feel like a woman! Highly recommend!

by marissa80


Hi! I have been following this site ever since I seriously started looking into breast augmentation. I wasn’t planning on posting my story here, but I alost feel that would be selfish of me to not give back! I also think it will be nice to be able to share with others who are in the same boat as me as I don’t know anyone personally that has had a breast augmentation. I was never very gifted in the chest department aside from when I was full of milk, and have halfway joked around about fixing that for a long time! I also am very active and try to keep my body in decent shape, so about a month ago I decided I was tired of being pretty comfortable in my body aside from those little bags up there! I searched for about a week pretty extensively until I came on the Gillian Institute website. After looking at every before/after photo and reading about Dr. Short herself I knew she was the one! I actually booked my surgery and did my preoperative at the consultation for less than 2 weeks later! I had my surgery this morning, and so far I could not be more pleased! Everyone was so nice and helpful and answered any questions I have or concerns. I was so nervous about the surgery, and it was so easy I am still in shock! I am feeling pretty good right now, although I know that could change. I am going to stay on top of my meds through Saturday at least and then see how it goes from there. My kids are 9, 8, 3, and 2 so I need to heal up quick and easy as possible! I am 32 years old, 123-125 pounds and 5’3″. My husband said they told him I should be a good C cup with Mentor HP. I thought I might want to go a little larger, but they decided in surgery that a C looked better than a D on my frame and I trust them! So excited to take a peek at then this evening before bed! I didn’t take any before pics, but I’m sure I have some in a bikini top or something. I am more than welcome to any suggestions for anything anyone has to help speed the healing process along or make it more bearable or any hints or hacks of stuff for the kids to do, etc.XOXO

by MamaBearAlecia


When I turned 30 my skin changed. I had always taken very good care of my skin, but my face was breaking out, and nothing was working. I went to the Gillian Institute, and Dr. Short and her team knew exactly how to help me fix the problem, and help me with an anti-aging regime. From the Revision skincare line to Dr. Short’s PSBM cream, I am a loyal client that trusts The Gillian Institute for my skincare and Botox. Dr. Short is a Board Certified Surgeon and highly recommend her and The Gillian Institute!

by Kate Benson


I have had two Breast Augmentations by Dr. Short and I am extremely pleased with my results. My first surgery was in 2006 and I went with saline implants. This past year I switched my implants out for silicone and slightly altered by size. Dr. Short really is a breast expert and made me feel confident that the result was about what I wanted and what my personal goals. The office/surgery center along with the staff were awesome and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. I also had Coolsculpting (fat freezing without surgery) this past year and I just have to say wow. I found myself smiling as I wrote this and couldn’t be happier. If you are looking for a great surgeon and any other med spa related procedures, I would definitely recommend this place.

by KLynn83


As I was nearing my forties I felt the strong need to have my pre-baby body back. Dr.Short and the staff at Gillian Institute helped my achieve my goal! After breastfeeding two babies, my breast had lost their once nice volume. I can’t believe just how simple it was to regain! There was minimal discomfort and down time. It was a great experience! I highly recommend Dr. Short.

by healthyglow


I got breast augmentation 12 years ago. I got saline implants under the muscle. In the last few years, I started bodybuilding , which had started moving my implants to the side. I decided that I wanted to switch to silicone and go above the muscle. I was very pleased with my choice. Now I can workout as hard as I want and not worry about displacement of my implants.

by mzfit1