“An artist’s eyes, a surgeon’s hands, a feminine touch”

At the Gillian Institute, we believe in educating patients, presenting the options, and including our patients in the informed decisions regarding their choice to have surgery. Dr. Kimberly Short strongly believes that surgery should be “tailored” or personalized for each patient and their specific anatomy and desires. Every patient is unique and Dr. Short strives to care for each patients individual needs and concerns.

Dr. Short’s dream of creating a surgery center and medical team focused on providing the highest quality plastic surgery care was realized with the opening of the JKS Surgery Center and The Gillian Institute for Plastic, Aesthetic, and Laser Surgery. The Gillian Institute is named after her daughter, Gillian, which means “Youthful One” in Latin.

Dr. Short’s dream of creating a medical center, including a spa and surgery center with a medical team focused on providing the highest quality specialized plastic surgery care in an elegant, comfortable, confidential setting for patients, has been fulfilled. When Dr. Kimberly Short opened her practice and a state-of-the-art plastic surgery facility, her goal was to establish a team of compassionate professionals with expertise in caring for cosmetic surgery patients and providing a comfortable environment with a focus on continuity of patient care. This remains true today! Dr. Short, her staff, and facility are devoted to providing the highest care in a safe, relaxed and confidential environment.

According to her patient satisfaction surveys conducted annually, 98% of her patients say they would return again for surgery and would recommend Dr. Kimberly Short to a friend or family member.

Her meticulous attention to detail, compassionate staff and obvious empathy all help to assure patients they will be very well cared for throughout the experience. Dr. Kimberly Short’s style is as a “perfectionist.” She is committed to artistic excellence, honesty and integrity with uncompromising safety. All procedures are performed in a private, on-site, AAAASF-accredited surgical center.

Dr. Kimberly Short believes there is no patient or surgery that is “routine.” Each procedure is specially designed and tailored to achieve the absolute best results for each patient. Dr. Kimberly Short takes the time to discover and to fully understand her patients’ desires and concerns. She then applies her surgical skills and artistic eye to enhance their lives through plastic surgery.

Your Consultation at the Gillian Institute for Customized Surgery with a Compassionate Approach

The fundamental roots of plastic surgery are in reconstructing and restoring. Plastic Surgery is an art and Dr. Kimberly Short is an artist every day with patients. The art of plastic surgery can change a person in how they see themselves and allow empowerment in their lives. Dr. Kimberly Short understands this unique gift especially with her first hand perspective as a female, mother of four children, and understanding the benefit of plastic surgery herself. This insight allows Dr. Kimberly Short to understand the special emphasis on maintaining natural, feminine contours of the face, breast, and body.

Dr. Kimberly Short understands the sense of discovery that takes place during the consultation process and the success that lies in listening to the patient. At the consultation, patients understand the concept and importance of attention to details at the Gillian Institute. Patients are given detailed, worthwhile information from clinical staff members as well as Dr. Kimberly Short. Extensive examples of before and after pictures and a holistic approach to skin care, the practice offers detailed proof that establishes the expectation of natural beauty.

Dr. Kimberly Short’s strength and focus is on personalizing each treatment option to create a result that looks rejuvenated, but most importantly, also looks natural.

This philosophy creates a harmonious new you, a more confident you, but still you. Our goal is to spend time educating patients at the consultation about their procedure(s) and choices to ensure a satisfying experience from start to beautiful finish. The consultation and experience at the Gillian Institute should represent a personalized, comprehensive and compassionate experience tailored to a patients every need, from the initial consultation to the finished goal. All of her patients are given her home and cell phone numbers after their surgery.


The consultation process is designed at the Gillian Institute to provide our patients with the knowledge to make an informed decision about proceeding with a procedure or surgery. We want our patients to take a proactive approach and participate in the decision making process with Dr. Kimberly Short. The consultation process will allow Dr. Kimberly Short to listen to your desires and concerns including recovery period limitations and expectations of desired results, perform an examination of your anatomy, and discuss treatment options with desired outcomes. The environment is ideal for open communication between yourself and Dr. Kimberly Short and she will give you honest, direct recommendations based on her expertise with plastic surgery.

Dr. Kimberly Short will review your past medical history and current medications, discuss the desired results with each potential option, risk versus benefit ratio and an outline for a recovery period. After the consultation, you will feel confident and comfortable with the option(s) discussed, expectations, recovery period, and be well educated on the the options available for you.

A Closer Look at the Artist at the Gillian Institute, Dr. Kimberly Short

Operating Room Style:“I’m a perfectionist. It may take me a little longer, but I’ll make sure I’m happy with every stitch.”

Why she became a plastic surgeon:“Anatomy has always fascinated me. I enjoy the opportunity to sculpt the human body, making lasting changes for patients.”

What one lifestyle change could most benefit our health: “Exercise, nutrition and antioxidants are all important, but above all, a positive attitude. You’ve got to be happy.”

Place you go to escape the office:“I can’t wait to get home to see my kids.”

Alternative occupation:“Interior Decorator.”