Dr. Kimberly Short, a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs facial rejuvenation procedures with a goal to shape and contour the facial area by providing a refreshed facial appearance, not an unnatural appearance. Dr. Kimberly Short was able to be exposed to many techniques which were on the cutting edge of technology. Dr. Kimberly Short completed a six-month fellowship in Oculoplastic Surgery and Aesthetic Facial Surgery. Dr. Kimberly Short also completed a three-month fellowship in Facial Rejuvenation in Miami, Florida. In addition to her fellowships, Dr. Kimberly Short was given the opportunity to train with Dr. Ramirez, who pioneered endoscopic plastic surgery and designed the instruments used today. Dr. Kimberly Short performed endoscopic facial surgery in France as well as Great Britain as the Moorefield Eye Hospital for concentrated experience in aesthetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery.

The Gillian Institute doctors wish to maintain the balance and harmony of the face with recommending surgical and non-surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation. Our philosophy is to restore a more youthful, well-rested appearance in a natural form.

Every face ages differently, but as the face ages, you lose volume and fullness to the face. If you compare pictures from now to when you were in your 20’s, you will note in your 20’s-30’s a fuller, plumper face. As we age, not only does the skin lose elasticity from loss of collagen, sun damage, and environmental damage such as smoking, the underlying tissues also descend causing a sagging, folded appearance to the lower face, cheek area, and eye area with loss of volume. Our goal is to evaluate how your tissues and skin has aged over the years (commonly one side will be more aged than the other side) and discuss recommendations with you to achieve a less tired, more youthful appearance using either surgical, non-surgical or a combination of techniques. Your personalized treatment plan will vary depending on your improvements, recovery period, etc. The superficial, damaged skin; the stretched muscles; the underlying, sagging tissues; and the loss of volume are all addressed and treatment plans are recommended to address, correct, and prevent all levels of aging with an increasing use of combination therapies with a synergistic approach.

Option Available

Your options may range from in-office treatments with no downtime such as Botox or Dermal Injectable Fillers for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, superficial lines to deeper folds, and lip augmentation with longevity from a few months to permanent options. Dr. Short can recommend many laser treatments from skin resurfacing treatments targeting fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation or sun damage, skin texture improvements, skin contraction and skin tightening with no recovery period to a 2 week recovery period; but all results are permanent. With surgical options, we provide youthful rejuvenation to the upper, mid, or lower facial regions in stage treatments or an overall treatment plan with varying approaches. Our techniques are long-lasting, natural and place emphasis on re-positioning tissues, restoring volume with fat grafting, and providing an opening to “windows to the soul” with a brow lift procedure and performing natural skin tightening treatments.

The face is three dimensional and the feminine contours of the face should be maintained avoiding a “surprised” or artificial “pulled or tight” facial outcome which screams Plastic Surgery. In fact, a patient should be able to restore their natural contours and feel more youthful without family, friends, or co-workers knowing a surgical option was performed. Dr. Short uses her meticulous attention to detail along with her board certified fellowship training to evaluate the patient’s area of concern and uses her artist’s imagery and vision to deliver feminine, longstanding surgery results. As a woman, mother, and facial patient herself; she offers a unique perspective to patients with a compassionate, caring approach. Facial surgery is a difficult commitment filled with anxiety and Dr. Short is able to open the lines of communication, offering patients confidence and self-awareness throughout the process.