Mommy Makeover

Offered at our convenient location in Indianapolis

“Back To My Pre Pregnancy Body!”

Yes of course! And Dr. Kimberly Short feels very gratified to help mothers restore their shape, especially as a mother of four herself. The changes women encounter as they go through the experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are not corrected with diet and exercise. Although good health practices with exercise and nutrition are important, the stretched muscles and pulled skin of the abdomen resulting in loss of abdominal muscle tone and stretch marks to the abdomen along with deflated, smaller breasts require correction with surgery. To counteract the effects of pregnancy on the body, many women chose to have a “MOMMY MAKEOVER,” which is a combination of post-pregnancy plastic surgery procedures. With mothers, the most common procedure typically involves an abdominal and breast rejuvenation procedure.

During pregnancy, the abdominal skin and muscles will stretch resulting in damaged stretch mark skin and abdominal lower pooches. The abdominal muscles that have stretched and separated will not go back together even with rigorous diet and exercise. A tummy tuck will restore a flat abdomen with removal of the stretch marks to the skin, tightening of the abdominal wall muscles, with contouring of the waistline to achieve the return of the “hour glass” figure.

Breast surgery is also ideal for mothers to reshape the sagging breasts and correct the deflation or loss of volume after pregnancy. Many mothers lose breast tissue and experience loose, sagging skin after the breastfeeding process. Many mothers need a breast implant to achieve their pre-pregnancy breast cup size or their desired cup size in addition to tightening the breast skin envelope to create a perkier, lifted breast appearance. This re-shaping procedure gives mothers the opportunity to wear that “little black dress” with a strapless bra or without a bra for an evening out on the town.