Gillian Plastic Surgery for Men

This year, more than two million Americans will have plastic surgery, and approximately 30% will be men. This number is increasing as it becomes more “socially acceptable” for men to want improvements such as an improved waist line and love handles, correction of facial lines and wrinkles, and an improved skin texture, especially in today’s competitive work environment. The Gillian Institute offers board-certified plastic surgeons to help make recommendations for males, which will vary from female patients. Our surgeons will consider the male anatomy to offer a refreshed, natural improvement with keeping the male physique and anatomy in mind. Minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections, Dermal Filler injectables, and Mesotherapy/Lipolysis treatment are very common. Men are able to make facial and body improvements just over a lunch hour.

We have premier surgeons in breast and body contouring surgery. Our credentials and expertise in the ultrasound assisted liposuction and her revolutionary breast reduction technique target her male population by offering confidence in the number of procedures performed with phenomenal outcomes coupled with her feminine touch.

Why Men Get Plastic Surgery

Liposuction for sculpting and contouring purposes is her most common male procedure along with male breast reduction procedures. Many men are active with regular exercise programs and information on good nutritional choices, but still, there are persistent areas of fatty tissue that are resistant to regular diet and exercise. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is ideal for men because this technique targets the male fatty tissue composition. In men, it is common to see more fibrous fatty tissue especially to the love handles or flanks, back, and abdomen. The internal ultrasound component of our liposuction technique is used to provide more effective fat removal in these traditional “difficult” areas and an improved body sculpting ability.

Dr. Kimberly Short has a foundation and special training with fellowship training in facial rejuvenation surgery and fat grafting surgery. Dr. Kimberly Short’s approach to the male anatomy will differ compared to the female counterpart. Dr. Kimberly Short desires to maintain the male anatomy, striving for harmony with angularity and sharpness of the male facial features, avoiding feminizing the face. Male facial rejuvenation is very customized and individualized to each patient, depending on the improvements desired, recovery period, and evaluation of pre-existing anatomy. There are many options now for male rejuvenation, and males are increasingly becoming more aware and informative on the benefits of facial options, surgical and non-surgical treatments, their female counterparts have been utilizing for many years.