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The Gillian Institute uses the tumescent technique and ultrasound assisted liposuction technique. Liposuction terms such as SmartLipo and Laser Liposuction have been gaining popularity from the media, but The Gillian Institute, does not believe either of these techniques offer advantages compared to the ultrasound assisted liposuction technique. Our liposuction technique is a four step technique which includes, tumescent, external and internal ultrasound, and traditional liposuction.

Our plastic surgeons believe in the ultrasound assisted liposuction because it gives patients superior results to traditional liposuction alone as well as the less invasive options such as SmartLipo and Laser Liposuction. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have extensive training in the field of plastic surgery and body contouring.

For patients whom are looking for a non-surgical option to achieve a reduction in localized areas of fullness, we are able to offer patients mesotherapy or lipolysis treatments. Mesotherapy, Lipolysis or referred to as Lipodissolve is the practice of using microinjections of phosphatdilycholine (PCC) in the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin to remove unwanted fat without surgery or a recovery period.

Tumescent Liposuction

In performing body contouring procedures, our goal is to shape and contour the patient’s body. With liposuction, our surgeons advocate a four step liposuction technique employing both the internal and external ultrasound. The Gillian Institute utilizes a technique referred to as tumescent liposuction. This procedure involves the injection of local anesthetic in solution, which causes a contraction of the blood vessels and significantly decreases blood loss. The local anesthesia, or numbing agent, will provide patients with adequate pain control after surgery as well. The tumescent technique decreases recovery time and, in addition, significantly improves the smoothness of the result and decreases bruising and discomfort after liposuction.

Internal and External Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

With liposuction, one can achieve a permanent, improvement in contour with reduction of fullness in desired areas emphasizing the feminine silhouette for several reasons, one being that we use both the internal and external ultrasound-assisted liposuction techniques.

The advantage of liposuction is that the fat is actually melted prior to being suctioned, and therefore larger quantities of fat can be removed without leaving the patient with irregularities.

An additional advantage, very small cannulas are used to suction the fat so there is less risk of the patients being uneven or having skin irregularities. The intention is not to suction as much fat as possible, which only leaves the patient looking unnatural, but to honor the curvature of the female body. The external ultrasound provides better skin contraction and a more “smooth” result and the internal ultrasound assisted liposuction also provides improved skin contraction, decreased skin irregularities, and increased fat removal.

Combining Proceedures

The Gillian Institute incorporates liposuction for contouring purposes into her tummy tucks or body lift procedures such as a buttock lift or thigh lift as well. With combining liposuction into a body lift procedure, our liposuction approach is more conservative to ensure adequate blood supply to the tissue. In some patients, for optimal body contouring results, staged ultrasound assisted liposuction to reduce the liposity or fullness to the area followed by the body lift procedure to address the excess skin redunndancy and muscle wall laxity is recommended. This staged approach will increase blood flow to the tissue to reduce the risk of complications related to healing and achieve the desired outcome.

Good Candidates

If you are mainly concerned with a “pocket of fat” in the lower abdomen you are probably a better candidate for liposuction. Liposuction to the abdomen will reduce the fatty tissue layer, promote skin contraction for skin in good condition and you will look better in clothes, but it will not improve stretch marks or loose skin. If you’re more concerned about stretch marks, skin laxity, or a fatty (“jelly-like”) appearance of the skin of the abdomen, a “tummy tuck” or an abdominoplasty will be recommeded. A tummy tuck will remove the stretch marks to the skin, tighten the skin envelope and repair the separation of the rectus muscles. The Gillian Institute will review with you in detail the options that are available and what would be the best treatment for your concerns.

The Gillian Institute’s Philosophy on Abdominal Rejuvenation

In order to rejuvenate the abdominal area, we must first evaluate the area and address your desired outcome, which will lead her to a decision of mesotherapy or lipolysis (lipodissolve) (fat dissolving injections), liposuction to the abdomen only, abdominoplasty procedure only or staged liposuction followed by an abdominoplasty. The technique for abdominal rejuvenation can be approached with several options depending on the degree of abdominal wall laxity following childbirth, stretch marks to the abdomen, abdominal crease attachments, and excess skin laxity. For each option, a recovery period must be considered and addressing the patients goals and expectations is important to her recommendation.

The goal of each procedure is the same, to improve the appearance of the abdomen, but the procedures are quite different.

Body contouring and body lift procedures are becoming more popular and performed more often especially with the increase in weight loss procedures. With significant weight loss and childbirth, the laxity of the skin and muscles are stretched and a body contouring procedure address excess, loose, damaged skin is recommended to rejuvenate and re-establish the contours of the body. We will place special emphasis on maintaining a feminine contour.