Sun damage, poor skin care, and lifestyle can make your skin age quickly. A common area that tends to appear aged is the decollete. This area includes the neck and chest, and is commonly referred to as the skin seen around the collar of a shirt.

Sun spots, saggy skin and wrinkles on the neck and chest can make you look and feel older. At The Gillian Institute, we offer a wide range of treatments that can rejuvenate your skin and help turn back the clock on symptoms of aging!

About Decolletage Rejuvenation

Our treatments range from non-invasive to invasive depending on your skin goals! A simple consultation with one of our doctors will allow them to assess your concerns and create your best treatment plan!

Our goal is to help our patients look and feel great! Your treatment plan will be customized to your skin quality and goals to achieve your best outcome.

Minimally-Invasive Rejuvenation Options

We offer a variety of decollete rejuvenation options to restore the youthful look of your shoulders and neck. We provide surgical and non-invasive methods to accommodate the diverse needs and lifestyles of our patients.

Non-surgical methods include:


No downtime is required after Ultherapy. You can quickly return to your regular day. This FDA approved technique tightens and firms the skin. The result will be a lift that turns the clock back a few years! Ultherapy implements ultrasound technology to restructure the underlying skin levels and boost collagen production. This method delivers heat deep into the skin without causing damage to the top layer of skin. This means no downtime! Your results will set in over the following two to three months. Your skin will be lifted, firmer and tighter.


This procedure uses RF technology to tighten the skin. The procedure will target loose, wrinkled skin and help it contract. Radio frequency waves will emit deep into the dermis, restructuring the layers and helping to boost collagen levels. Treatment times will vary based on the size of the area(s) being treated and may require some downtime. We encourage patients to have this procedure done on a Friday so that any skin redness can fade by the beginning of the week. Decollete rejuvenation results are seen within a week or two as the skin tightens and rejuvenates.


Lipodissolve is a non-invasive way to remove stubborn fat deposits. This treatment, also known as Mesotherapy, is an injection that targets and reduces fat. The whole treatment only takes about thirty minutes. The injection consists of phosphatidylcholine or PCC and is a natural substance produced by the body. PPC will naturally dissolve fat cells and tighten skin. The procedure requires no downtime and most patients see their best results after two to four treatments.

Lipodissolve will deliver results after about two weeks but will vary from patient to patient. This injection is perfect for a double chin!


Neck rejuvenation non-surgical options often include Kybella. This simple injection will work against submental fullness below the chin and restore a firm jawline. Kybella injections do not require downtime and will bring about results in a couple of weeks!


This elegant technique uses Botox to redefine the jaw and neck. The whole treatment will make the jawline more pronounced and the neck tighter and lifted. This procedure is perfect for men and women with pre-jowl fullness. A Nefertiti lift will take under an hour and requires no recovery time. You can return to work or your regular schedule right away. Results will set in within a week and last for a few months. After a Nefertiti lift you will be able to enjoy a strong jawline and smooth neck!


Microneedling is another impressive skin rejuvenating technique we provide to improve the quality of your decollete. In a microneedling procedure, a device will be applied to the skin. This device will contain tiny sterile needles that perforate the skin. The treatment will induce the skin’s healing response. Collagen levels will boost and a healthy glow will return to your skin. This treatment is very effective at reducing scars, large pores, fine wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. Microneedling is often combined with PRP, platelet-rich-plasma. PRP is found within our own bodies and this treatment requires a blood sample before the start of your appointment. The harvested blood will be purified and PRP will be removed from it and placed in syringes. PRP is concentration of growth factors that will improve healing response of your body and help your skin appear healthier and fuller in no time. This treatment can drastically improve the quality of the skin on your neck and chest. However, many patients still deal with stubborn fat deposits along their jawline and under their chin.

Combining a microneedling treatment with  Botox and fillers can be transformative!

While microneedling and PRP serum work to improve the healthy functions of your skin, Botox can enhance the definition of the jawline and tighten the appearance of the neck. Fillers are often used alongside the other treatments to enhance the fullness of the chin. Often times, the chin loses shape with age. Dermal fillers will make the chin appear more prominent and enhance the contours of your overall face.

Combining these four decollete rejuvenation techniques will truly change your appearance and help you look and feel younger!


Botox beadlets are an injection technique that is designed for those stubborn neck wrinkles.

Botox can be used on its own to transform the neck. Many people are concerned with the appearance of neck bands, the area where wrinkles and lines develop. Botox beadlets are the perfect solution! Horizontal wrinkles can quickly and efficiently be treated with botox. Beadlets can be applied in the crease of the dermis to lessen the severity of present lines. The result will be smooth skin and a more attractive neck contour.


This procedure injects tiny fat particles right under the skin. This treatment is perfect for smoothing out the face, neck, and chest. The fat is soft and will fill in lines and depressed areas without leaving bumps. Microneedling nanofat can easily be combined with a microneedling PRP treatment as well for maximum results! Our doctors will help you determine if a minimally-invasive treatment will provide your best outcome.

Surgical Rejuvenation Options

These decollete rejuvenation procedures are for the individual who has severe wrinkles, lines and skin sagging along their neck and jawline.


A surgical option to reducing fat along the neck and chin is liposuction. Liposuction is an invasive technique but will help sculpt and rejuvenate the decollete. Doctors at The Gillian Institute use the tried and tested ultrasound technique in combination with tumescent fluid. It is their belief that these methods promote a safe surgery and long-lasting, attractive results. Tumescent fluid is a diluted solution that contains a local anesthetic. Using a local anesthetic will cut down costs and allow you to bypass any uncomfortable side effects of general anesthesia. Tumescent fluid contracts blood vessels in the treatment area, allowing for less blood loss. This will greatly impact your recovery as you will have less bruising your healing process will be quicker.

The primary advantages of liposuction are the immediate results and localized skin tightening the treatment provides. An ultrasound device will then be used to emulsify fat cells. The liquified fat will be suctioned out of your treatment area along with tumescent fluid. The whole procedure will take from one to two hours. Patients notice results immediately and are able to return to work within a week.


Direct submentoplasty for neck rejuvenation, or a neck lift, will reduce excess skin and tighten the appearance of your neck. This surgery is for patients with severe wrinkling and skin laxity along the neck. Incisions will be made discreetly behind the ears and along the hairline. Through these incisions, excess skin and tissue will be removed. The neck skin will be pulled up and made smooth. The incisions will be closed and bandaged once the desired appearance is achieved. The whole procedure will take about two to three hours and will require a week or so of downtime.

These procedures require the most downtime but will provide impressive, long-term results.


Rejuvenation of the aging neck is highly sought after by men and women in their late 30s to 60s. An ideal candidate will need to be healthy and of their ideal weight. We encourage men and women who are interested in any of the above decollete rejuvenation treatments to reach out to our office. A consultation will be scheduled so you can learn about your best solution and start looking your best as soon as possible!

Personal Consultation

personal consultation with one of our doctors will allow us to create your best solution! This consultation will be a time to assess your health and determine which decollete rejuvenation treatment is your best option. Once a treatment plan has been created, an appointment will be set and we will let you know how to best prepare for your procedure.

Rejuvenation Cost

The cost of your decollete rejuvenation will depend on what you are interested in and what you and our doctors agree upon. Once your treatment plan has been created, a cost breakdown will be gone over. If you are interested in transforming your skin and turning the clock back, give us a call at (317) 913-3260 to schedule your consultation!



Saggy neck skin is almost impossible to get rid of. The fat in this area tends to be very stubborn and is often resistant to diet and exercise. Neck rejuvenation procedures can help reduce minimal sagging and smooth out the neck. However, severe droopy skin may only be improved with a neck lift. To see if you qualify for one of our neck rejuvenation techniques, give our office a call! We would love to hear from you and set you down a path of looking and feeling great!


Neck rejuvenation surgery will vary in costs based on the amount of improvement desired. We encourage you to give our office a call and ask about price estimates. However, for an accurate cost you will want to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. They will go over all the included costs and what your grand total will be.