Beautiful Breasts in Indianapolis

It is now possible to perform breast lifts, breast reductions, and breast contouring while limiting your incisions for a beautiful and natural breast shape without unsightly scars, which are easily visible even in a bathing suit.

New techniques for breast lifts and breast reductions have allowed plastic surgeons to offer patients beautiful breasts after breast contouring procedures. These techniques limit the incisions (scars) while still providing the ability to contour and shape a patients’ natural breast tissue.

In the past, many surgical techniques for breast lifts and breast reductions left women with scars extending to the center of their chest and/or around the sides of their chest. This made it difficult to conceal the scars in a bathing suit or certain clothes leaving women self conscious even after a procedure designed to make them feel more comfortable with their appearance.

Today there are techniques available to limit these incisions to the areola or extending just to the underside of the breast only so that the resulting scars are easily concealed. (a lollipop shaped incision). These new breast lift and breast reduction techniques can even provide a prettier shape to the breasts than many of the older approaches.

For example, the SPAIR technique used by Dr. Kimberly Short in Indianapolis, IN, which was created by and popularized by well-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Dennis Hammond, limits the scar while typically providing a fuller, rounder-looking breast shape. This is in contrast to the “boxy” appearance of the breast following many of the older techniques of the past. Dr. Short believes this SPAIR technique provides longer lasting results as well. Dr. Short has been performing the SPAIR technique exclusively for her breast lift and breast reduction patients since 2001. In her experience, patients find the breast shape and scars more acceptable then the incisions and techniques of the past.

As always, with any surgery, there is a trade. Dr. Short wants her patients to feel that the resulting scars (which fade nicely over time and are easily concealed) are well worth the beautiful breast shape and size they can achieve with breast lifts or breast reductions she performs at the Gillian Institute in Indianapolis. She would have no reservations in having the breast procedures she performs for her patients on herself or offering them to her staff, family, or best friends. “This is the real test of quality for a plastic surgical technique-would I offer to do it for my own mother?!” YES!