Breast Asymmetry Indianapolis

Part one – breast asymmetry – to implant or to lift?
This is often the question, but the answer may be “both”.

Indianapolis plastic surgery patient quote, “wow, I thought I would be lopsided forever! It is so awesome to know I can stop stuffing one side of my bra!”

Many women don’t realize anything can be done to correct their breast asymmetry. Whether having a breast Implant or having a lift/reduction or combination of these is recommended, patients with breast asymmetry are usually extremely excited to know they have options for correction of their asymmetry and ecstatic with their results once they have their surgery.
“This procedure is typically very high in patient satisfaction”, says Board Certified Indianapolis plastic surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Short.
She points out that, ”Breast asymmetry is the rule for women, not the exception.”

In their office, the gillian institute for plastic surgery, Dr. Short and her staff are fond of saying,
“Breasts are like snowflakes – no two are the same, not even on the same person!”

All patients have asymmetry and this may vary from a minimal difference in the height of the nipple or mild difference in the size of the two breasts to complete lack of development of one breast as is the case with poland’s syndrome.

Mild asymmetries can often be minimized or corrected with breast augmentation or breast implant surgery alone.
More major asymmetries may require a breast lift/reduction procedure of one or both sides to improve large size differences or correct descension of the nipple and areola or looseness of the skin with more sagging on one side than the other.
The first thing I do with my patients is identify their goals – size, lift, perkiness, firmness, natural look, etc.
We discuss which breast shape or size they like better and then dtermine whether we need to reduce one side to match the small breast or augment one side to match the larger side for example. More often than not, the best results are obtained when addressing both sides. For instance, it is very difficult to get a breast with an implant to recreate the look and feel of the natural breast on the other side because the skin may be more loose and therefore the breast droops more on the natural side or feels softer and looks less firm than the breast with the implant.
The next blog will include some pictures to demonstrate several patients with asymmetry and how correction was achieved. Stay tuned.