Facial Rejuvenation Options

When Should I Consider a Facial Rejuvenation using Facelift/Fat Grafting Surgery?

  • Loss of skin elasticity to the full face; Excess skin around the mouth, jowl areas, earlobes, brows, neck area.
  • Loss of muscle tone and sagging to the underlying tissues.
  • Signs of aging: loss of volume to full face including cheeks, brows, lips, jawline, lips, chin, tip of nose, eyelids, hands.
  • Deep facial folds (smile and nasolabial folds); between brows.
  • Localized fatty tissue deposits under chin and neck.
  • Loss of volume with aging process.

Anticipated Results:

  • More youthful, restful (natural appearance maintained).
  • Correction of jowls and facial sagging.
  • Cheek curvature restored; 90 degree angle of neckline restored.
  • Softening of facial creases; lines & wrinkles.
  • Improved neck, chin profile, and jawline.
  • Reducing the signs of aging to the full face, hands  (all areas of fat grafting).
  • Restore the loss of volume for a more youthful appearance.

Every face ages differently, and The Gillian Institute’s philosophy is to restore a more youthful appearance in a natural way.  We recommend you bring a picture of yourself during your 20’s to illustrate the aging process. As the face ages; you lose volume and fullness, the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, and descent of the underlying tissues devleops with the aging process.  The Gillian Institute can evaluate how your tissues and skin has aged over the years discuss recomendations with you to achieve a more youthful, less tired appearance using surgical, non-surgical, and combination techniques.

With surgical options, a facelift surgery in combination with fat grafting  to the full face to restore a more youthful appearance can be performed vs fat grafting to the full face in combination with a skin tightenting procedure such as laser resurfacing or skintyte vs a non-surgical liquid facelift using dermal injectable filler and botox injections for a temporary result.

Our facelift technique is a special technique using a SMAS technique instead of a skin only facelift approach.  The SMAS facelift technique will lift and re-position the underlying tissues in a vertical vector and minimially tighten the skin envelope for a natural, lifted contour improvement.  The SMAS technique will create the desired cheek contour and lift the tissues around the mouth including the “jowls”  with restoring the neck contour.  A skin only facelift requires less incisions, less time in surgery, and less recovery period; but also achieves an artificial or “pulled tight” appearance resulting in cheek flatness and loss of curvature and volume.  With a skin only facelift, the longevity is typically 2-3 years because the skin itself will re-stretch again.  The SMAS technique is long lasting and permanent because she is re-positioning the underlying tissues under the skin envelope; the skin envelope is not tightened to improve the facial contours.  We will commonly combine a browlift procedure at the same to address the upper portion of the face, and create harmony of the full face.  Our doctors will also combine fat grafting to the full face to restore the volume loss with the aging process.  Our fat grafting procedure is essential for the desired outcome and understanding the aging process. The Gillian Institute uses the “Coleman” technique and the special facial instruments designed to produce less trauma to the fat grafts to increase surviablity and the use of the blunt injecting cannula tips allow for less bruising and swelling to the facial area.  Fat grafts are placed in tiny alliquots using a special layering technique to create a smooth result.  The fat grafts are commonly placed to the cheeks, upper brows, upper and lower eyelids, jawline, facial creases such as the nasolabial creases and perioral creases, and lip augmentation.  The fat graft can easily be harvested from the neck or abdomen.  The fat grafting is an all natural, permanent result used rountinely for predictable facial contouring improvements.  We can also perform skin resurfacing procedures with use of an acid such as 35 % TCA or a laser to improve the skin texture, repair sun damage and fine lines/wrinkles, acne scarring, and promote skin contraction.

Planning for Surgery:

Time off Work:

It is recommended that you take 14 days off work. Although the discomfort has completely subsided by this time, some residual bruising and swelling may still be apparent. For a modified or mini facelift/necklift procedure, 7-10 days is recommended.


You must have a caregiver with you for the first 24-36 hours postoperatively. If you do not have someone to take care of you, a nurse can be provided at a minimal fee.

The Day of Surgery:

The procedure is performed under general or twilight anesthesia as an outpatient basis. The full facelift/necklift procedure takes approximately 6 hours. The facelift/necklift procedure is commonly combined with a browlift procedure, eyelid surgery, fat grafting and other facial fillers to provide the best result possible under one recovery period. A modified or mini facelift/necklift procedure typically takes 4 hours.

After Surgery:

You return home with your head wrapped in a dressing, which is usually removed the next day. If drain tubes are placed, they are typically removed the day following surgery. Minimal initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medications. Sutures are removed within 5-7 days. Bruising and swelling will be the most noticeable within the first few days after surgery. Residual swelling in the face and neck region may be apparent between 2-4 weeks with the final result being evident at about 4-6 weeks and continued improvement in the months thereafter. It is important to limit sun exposure in the months following facial surgery because increased pigmentation of the incision sites from the sun will cause the scars to be more visible. Straining, bending, and lifting should be avoided during the early postoperative period. Most normal activities can be resumed within two weeks and you can begin exercising within three to four weeks after surgery.

Note:It is important to address any concerns with The Gillian Institute at the time of your consultation. There is some risk, as with any surgical procedure. To prevent post-operative complications with this technique, no smoking is a requirement prior to surgery. If a significant smoking history is present, a modification of this technique must be made to prevent complications. Our doctors can explain the procedure and potential complications to you in detail, and she can assist you in determining if a facelift/neck-lift is right for you.

What Patients Are Saying

I had a face lift, eyes upper and lower, neck. To this day I still get the comment. “You look so good” What did you do? It was the best thing I ever did and would recommend it to anyone. No pain, No problems. Thanks to Dr. Short and her team, they make you feel at home. They are the BEST !!!! * 



Penny O

I would refer Dr.Short to all of my friend and family. She are her staff was very professional and was willing to answer any question that I had. My surgery was a breast augmentation, I was a size A and went to a cup size D. I am very pleased and so happy with the out come. Dr.Short is the best there is. I would never even consider going any place else. *

Jennifer K

I came to Dr. Short for a Breast Augmentation and tummy tuck about 3 1/2 years ago. I was a mother of 5 children and had spent the past 15 years giving birth and taking care of kids. Even before the kids though, I struggled with a poochy tummy. I decided for my 40th birthday that I was finally going to do something about it. I searched the internet extensively and finally found Dr. Short. The results she was showing on her website were exactly what I was looking for. I flew out from Washington State for my consultation and immediately liked her and her entire staff. They put me at ease and answered all my questions.

I was thrilled with the results of the surgery. I went immediately from a size 12 to a size 4. I couldn’t believe it. The surgery got me so motivated that I continued to diet and exercise and have now dropped another 13 pounds and now wear a size 0. In addition to the fantastic results, Dr. Short and her staff made me feel like a girlfriend. I felt that they truly understood what my needs were, not just clinically, but from a woman’s perspective. I can’t recommend Dr. Short and her office enough for any cosmetic procedure. Thank you so much. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. *

Allissa S

I went to Dr. Short 2 years ago with an A cup breast size. She gave me a low C cup, and i get compliments on my breasts daily. They are very natural looking and feeling. A lot of people do not even believe me when I tell them I have had breast augmentation. Shes the best and I’m very very pleased with the outcome of the surgery. *

Deborah M

I used Dr.Short for a breast enlargement. I was more then impressed with the results. They did a great job and I recommend her all the time to people who ask for a Dr. I went in with a lot of questions and attended a seminar that helped me feel at ease. The surgery was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I was back to normal in no time. The scars left are not even visible unless you look really hard. I highly recommend Dr.Short. They made me feel comfortable by having proper follow up appointments to make sure that everything was ok with surgery. I have nothing bad to say about my whole experience. It is going on three years now and I have had no complications at all. Dr. Short does a great job of giving you a natural look and making sure she keeps the look proportional to your body type. She really does a great job. *

Amy B
* Disclaimer: The claims made on this website are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results vary greatly from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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