How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost in Indianapolis?

Breast augmentation — also called augmentation mammoplasty — is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. When deciding to get breast implants, one of the first questions people ask is, “How much does a breast augmentation cost?” After all, you want to make sure that such a substantial investment is within your budget and means before deciding if it’s worthwhile.

At The Gillian Institute, one of our priorities is educating patients so they can make informed decisions about their surgery, and that includes being aware of the costs involved. All our patients receive a full breast augmentation quote following a consultation with Dr. Kimberly Short, which covers the various costs involved with this procedure.

If you are curious and want to learn as much as you can about breast augmentation pricing, here is a quick overview of the financial aspects of this popular plastic surgery procedure.

The Price of Breast Augmentation

In general, the total cost of a breast augmentation can range in price from $6,000 to $12,000. However, many factors can affect this price, including the cost of anesthesia, the operating facility and other related expenses.

These factors are usually discussed during your consultation, where your surgeon will give you your quote based on your unique circumstances and their established pricing.

Surgeon’s Fee: The Main Cost

The surgeon’s fee in plastic surgery encompasses various aspects of the surgical process. It covers the expertise and skill of your surgeon, acquired through years of education, training and experience. This fee also includes the pre-operative consultations, where the surgeon assesses your needs and goals, as well as the development of a personalized surgical plan. Additionally, it accounts for the surgical procedure itself, including the use of specialized equipment and any required medical supplies. Post-operative care, such as follow-up appointments and monitoring, is also typically included in the surgeon’s fee. Overall, you are paying for the comprehensive surgical services provided by your surgeon and their time spent, from consultation to post-operative care, aimed at achieving your desired aesthetic outcomes safely and effectively.

Surgeons with specialized training, credentials and many years of experience typically charge more for breast augmentation than less experienced surgeons. However, that isn’t to say surgeons who charge more are better than those whose fees are lower, but that the surgeon’s experience will more often than not play a part in the final price.

National Average Surgeon’s Fee

According to the latest report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average U.S. surgeon’s fee for breast augmentation is $4,294. This estimate is based on reporting by plastic surgeons and covers the surgical fee only! It’s important to note that this base price can vary significantly from one surgeon to the next based on many different factors.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of Breast Augmentation

Besides the base surgeon’s fee, additional fees are involved in breast augmentation. Many variables are involved in breast augmentation, which differ significantly from one patient to the next.

Factors that affect the final cost of this procedure include:

Implant Type

There are two types of implants used for augmentation mammoplasty: silicone and saline. Silicone implants — preferred for their natural look and feel — are more expensive to produce than saline implants. Saline implants are silicone capsules filled with an inexpensive saltwater solution, making them more cost-effective.


In most cases, general anesthesia is used during breast augmentation surgery, which has its own related fees. These fees cover both the anesthesia substance and the expert supervision provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist, monitoring your safety and well-being throughout the procedure.

At the Gillian Institute, our select team of skilled, board-certified anesthesiologists specializes in outpatient surgeries, minimizing post-operative discomfort such as nausea and promoting a smooth and comfortable awakening process. Our anesthesiologists are part of the esteemed team at St. Vincent Hospital, recognized as one of the premier healthcare facilities in Indianapolis.

Implant Placement

Implants can be placed under the fat and glandular tissues but above the pectoralis muscle (subglandular), under the pectoralis muscles (submuscular or subpectoral), partially under the muscle (dual plane), or under the fascia of the pectoralis muscle (subfascial). Each placement option may involve a different cost based on the surgical techniques needed.

Surgery Time

A typical breast augmentation takes one to two hours to complete. The duration of breast augmentation surgery varies depending on the technique used and how complex your surgery is.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the time of year can also dictate breast augmentation costs at some practices, although this isn’t always the case. Getting your implants during the spring or summer months when fewer patients are waiting in line may potentially lower your costs.

Complexity of the Procedure

Some breast augmentations are more difficult to perform than others. Secondary breast augmentations (breast revisions) are more complex than primary breast augmentations and tend to cost more. Breast augmentation with fat transfer means performing two procedures instead of one, increasing the surgical costs but avoiding the implant costs. Using novel techniques — like adding a mesh to the implant — also increases the price tag of this procedure.

Facility Fees

Fees for the surgical facility are crucial considerations for your breast augmentation procedure. Our exclusive plastic surgery center at The Gillian Institute, accredited by AAAASF (QUAD A), prioritizes your comfort, safety and access to cutting-edge technology. These facility charges encompass various amenities, including the utilization of advanced operating rooms furnished with state-of-the-art surgical equipment, as well as the support staff dedicated to providing a seamless and pleasant experience throughout your breast augmentation journey.

The location of the facility you choose for your breast augmentation may affect this facility fee. Getting any type of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment may cost you more in a large metropolitan area. That’s because there is higher demand in these areas along with the higher costs of living — both of which may affect the final price.

Additional Fees of Breast Augmentation

In addition to the factors discussed above, other expenses may be involved in your breast augmentation surgery:

  • Pre-procedure medical tests
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Overnight hospital stay, if needed
  • The potential need for revisional surgery at some point

Be sure to ask your surgeon about these and other potential costs upfront so you can make an informed decision.

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost at The Gillian Institute?

The surgeon’s fee for a breast augmentation at The Gillian Institute starts at $5,025 for saline implants and $6,025 for silicone implants. At our Indianapolis plastic surgery facility, you’re investing in the skill, experience, artistry and time of our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kimberly Short. This fee also includes pre-operative and post-operative appointments.

After your consultation with Dr. Short, we will provide a more precise estimate of this surgeon’s fee based on the anticipated time needed for your surgery. In addition, we will review all pricing related to other components of your breast augmentation surgery and care.

To check out the base fees for other procedures at The Gillian Institute, visit our pricing page.

Your Financing Options

Most reputable plastic surgery clinics — ours included — will accept different modes of payment: cash, debit cards, credit cards, money orders and checks. And because we want to make breast augmentation accessible to a wide range of patients, we also offer a range of financing options to help you make your dream of getting breast augmentation a reality without compromising your financial security.

That’s why we have partnered with medical financing providers that offer no- or low-interest loans for patients interested in getting this treatment sooner rather than later. These include PatientFi, KeyBank and CareCredit. These options allow you to pay on a monthly plan with no impact on your credit score and no interest payments with competitive rates during the promotional period of 12 months.

Does Health Insurance Ever Cover Breast Augmentation?

Being an elective surgery, most insurance providers will not cover the costs of breast augmentation, complications after surgery or revision surgery. The only exception is if you are getting breast augmentation following a mastectomy due to breast cancer. If this applies to you, we recommend checking with your insurance provider to see what your plan covers and how much.

Find Out More About Breast Augmentation at The Gillian Institute

Getting a breast augmentation is a life-changing experience for many. Investing in breast augmentation requires careful consideration, and you need accredited, trusted professionals to help you make an informed decision. At The Gillian Institute, we understand that every patient is unique, with unique concerns, goals and lifestyles. Let us guide you through this journey with our personalized treatment and financing plans.

Schedule your virtual consultation or in-person visit with Dr. Kimberly Short at our Indianapolis medical center today!