Laser Treatments

Microlaser Peels

When Should I Consider this Procedure?

  • Wrinkles, keratoses, acne scars, and pigment problems
  • When Microdermabrasion & Chemical peels aren’t giving you significant results
  • Looking for a brighter & even skin tone.

Anticipated Results:

  • Smoother & Healthier Skin
  • Tightness
  • More Vibrant Skin

More Info:

The MicroLaser Peel is an intra-epidermal laser peel that precisely ablates the outermost layers of the skin. The procedure is individually tailored to the nature of the condition to be corrected. The MicroLaser Peel is a partial-to-full epidermal peel and is performed with topical anesthetic. Because this procedure ablates deeper into the epidermis, it is the perfect step between microdermbrasion and full skin resurfacing.  The procedure is performed in the office under topical anesthetic and the recovery period is 2-3 days, depending on the depth.  You will experience smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin, with improvement in skin texture and tightness.  You may repeat the peel every 6-8 weeks, repeating 2-4 times for optimal results. Price: $500.00 for each full face treatment.

ProFractional Skin Resurfacing

When Should I consider this Procedure?

  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Acne Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation or Sun Spots (brown spots)
  • Skin Laxity
  • Improvement with Texture of Skin
  • Decreased Pore Size
  • Looking for a Brighter & Even Skin Tone.

Anticipated Results:

  • Smoother & Healthier Skin
  • Tighter Skin with Less Irregularities
  • More Vibrant Skin
  • Improvement with Sun Damage (brown spots)
  • Improvement with Hyperpigmentation, evenness to skin color & texture
  • Improvement with Acne Scarring

More Info:

ProFractional uses laser energy to create thousands of microscopic channels in the skin surrounded by areas of healthy, untreated skin.  The zones of untreated skin invigorate the body’s natural healing process, and the treated areas stimulate production of new collagen, plumping up the skin and smoothing out wrinkles, lines, scars and other irregularities. The procedure is performed in the office under topical anesthetic and regional blocks as well as oral medications to allow for an adequate comfort level.  The recovery period is 3-5 days, depending on the depth.  If a deeper treatment is desired, you may proceed with the treatment under IV sedation (similar to wisdom teeth removal or a colonoscopy) at our adjoining surgery center.  You will experience smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin, with improvement in skin texture and tightness.  You will need to apply Aquaphor to the treated area for the first 3-5 days to ensure adequate healing or resurfacing of the skin and no make up is recommended with using a mild cleanser at home.  A good sunscreen is also recommend following the treatment to maintain results and prevent hyperpigmentation resulting from early sunlight exposure during the healing phase. You may repeat the laser treatment 4-6weeks apart and two treatments are recommended for optimal results. Price: $1500.00 for full face treatment for one treatment or $2000.00 for a package of two treatments.

Broadband Light (BBL) and Variable Pulse Light (VPL) Photo Rejuvenation

When Should I Consider this Procedure?


  • Before

  • After

  • Sun Damage
  • Age Spots; Freckles
  • Rosaeca
  • Poikloderma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Small Facial Veins
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Red Spots referred to as Hemangiomas

Anticipated Results:

  • Vibrant, Youthful Skin with Improvement in “Brown Spots,”  Sun Damage, Freckles, Age Spots, and Hyperpigmentation
  • Improvement with Facial Veins, Hemangiomas, Rosaeca and Port Wine Stains

More Info:

BBL (Broad Band Light) is an innovative technology which sets new standards for the treatment of skin conditions associated with aging, active life-styles and sun damage. BBL technology utilizes the power or pulsed light to deliver excellent results by selecting the appropriate wavelength or filter, to treat a broad rage of skin conditions caused by sun exposure and aging.  The most common treatments are for the face, neck, back of the hands, chest, and shoulders. This technology also treats leg veins. You will need to allow for a 3-5 day recovery period depending on the treatment and area.  No make up is recommended and use of a mild cleanser at home will be recommended.   A good sunscreen is also recommend following the treatment to maintain results and prevent hyperpigmentation resulting from early sunlight exposure during the healing phase. You may repeat the laser treatment 2-4 weeks apart (depending on the depth and area) and 2-5 treatments are recommended for optimal results. Price: $325.00 for each full face treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

When Should I Consider This Procedure?

  • Tired of Shaving, Waxing, or Tweezing
  • Ingrown Hairs
  • Hirsutism
  • Embarrassing Facial Hair

Anticipated Results:

  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • No Shaving Bumps
  • No Tweezing, Waxing, or Shaving

More Info:

The Laser selectively targets your hair follicles and heats them with infrared energy. Unlike others processes the laserbeam treats many hairs at once making treatment of large areas practical. The Laser employs a unique computer-guided scanning system that automates the treatment, ensuring that your skin is rapidly and evenly treated. Approximately 6-8 treatments are needed at 4-6 week intervals. Some redness and slight swelling may be present in the area that has been treated; however, this should subside within a few hours.  You should also avoid sunlight exposure before and after laser hair treatments to avoid hyperpigmentation.  Price: $125.00 per treatment or $500.00 for package of 5 (Lip or Chin); $200.oo per treatment or $800.00 for package of 5 (Lip & Chin); $150.00 per treatment or $600.00 for package of 5 (Underarms); $225.00 per treatment or $975.00 for package of 5 (Bikini); $500.00 per treatment or $2000.00 for package of 5 (Legs); $450.00 per treatment or $1800.00 for package of 5 (Back); $300.00 per treatment or $1200.00 for package of 5 (Chest).


When Should I Consider This Treatment?

  • Skin Laxity or Sagging
  • Face, Neck, and Body Sagging and Skin Looseness

Anticipated Results:

  • Tighter, Firmer Skin
  • Smoother Skin

More Info:

The ReFirme treatment is based on utilizing BBL pulsed light technology to deeply heat your skin while cooling and protecting the entire treated surface area.  This heated dermal collagen process stimulates a renewed stimulation of collagen leading to increased skin firmness and tightness. The light energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses.  A series of repeated pulses will be repeated over the treatment area to ensure the best results.  The area treated may be slightly pink or red immediately after the treatment but will resolve within several minutes.  There is no downtime so you can resume your normal skin care regimen and normal activities.  A series of 4 treatments is recommended spaced 4 weeks apart.  Price:  $500.00 for full face treatment and $1800.00 for package of 4 treatments.

What Patients Are Saying

I had a face lift, eyes upper and lower, neck. To this day I still get the comment. “You look so good” What did you do? It was the best thing I ever did and would recommend it to anyone. No pain, No problems. Thanks to Dr. Short and her team, they make you feel at home. They are the BEST !!!! * 



Penny O

I would refer Dr.Short to all of my friend and family. She are her staff was very professional and was willing to answer any question that I had. My surgery was a breast augmentation, I was a size A and went to a cup size D. I am very pleased and so happy with the out come. Dr.Short is the best there is. I would never even consider going any place else. *

Jennifer K

I came to Dr. Short for a Breast Augmentation and tummy tuck about 3 1/2 years ago. I was a mother of 5 children and had spent the past 15 years giving birth and taking care of kids. Even before the kids though, I struggled with a poochy tummy. I decided for my 40th birthday that I was finally going to do something about it. I searched the internet extensively and finally found Dr. Short. The results she was showing on her website were exactly what I was looking for. I flew out from Washington State for my consultation and immediately liked her and her entire staff. They put me at ease and answered all my questions.

I was thrilled with the results of the surgery. I went immediately from a size 12 to a size 4. I couldn’t believe it. The surgery got me so motivated that I continued to diet and exercise and have now dropped another 13 pounds and now wear a size 0. In addition to the fantastic results, Dr. Short and her staff made me feel like a girlfriend. I felt that they truly understood what my needs were, not just clinically, but from a woman’s perspective. I can’t recommend Dr. Short and her office enough for any cosmetic procedure. Thank you so much. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. *

Allissa S

I went to Dr. Short 2 years ago with an A cup breast size. She gave me a low C cup, and i get compliments on my breasts daily. They are very natural looking and feeling. A lot of people do not even believe me when I tell them I have had breast augmentation. Shes the best and I’m very very pleased with the outcome of the surgery. *

Deborah M

I used Dr.Short for a breast enlargement. I was more then impressed with the results. They did a great job and I recommend her all the time to people who ask for a Dr. I went in with a lot of questions and attended a seminar that helped me feel at ease. The surgery was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I was back to normal in no time. The scars left are not even visible unless you look really hard. I highly recommend Dr.Short. They made me feel comfortable by having proper follow up appointments to make sure that everything was ok with surgery. I have nothing bad to say about my whole experience. It is going on three years now and I have had no complications at all. Dr. Short does a great job of giving you a natural look and making sure she keeps the look proportional to your body type. She really does a great job. *

Amy B
* Disclaimer: The claims made on this website are not intended to represent the results that every patient can expect. Surgical results vary greatly from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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