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Why the SPAIR Technique Is an Ideal Approach to Breast Reduction

Improve your breast shape and maintain nipple function, all with minimal scarring.

The road to breast reduction surgery can be paved with questions and various considerations. A key concern lies not only in reducing breast size but also in retaining a beautiful breast aesthetic. In addition, many breast reduction patients prioritize maintaining breast function, such as nipple sensation and breastfeeding ability. The SPAIR technique, a modern-day marvel in the field of plastic surgery, was conceived to address these multifaceted needs.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Breast Reduction Methods

Traditionally, plastic surgeons deployed the “anchor” incision in breast reduction surgeries. This technique, while effective in reducing breast size, often leaves a more angular breast shape and noticeable scarring. In contrast, the SPAIR technique emerged as a groundbreaking alternative, marrying aesthetics with surgical effectiveness.

What Is the SPAIR Technique?

The SPAIR technique stands for short-scar periareolar inferior pedicle reduction. Let’s break down what these technical terms mean:

Short-Scar (S): Traditional breast reduction techniques often result in an anchor-shaped incision and scar. This scar runs around the areola, down to the breast crease and then horizontally along the crease. The SPAIR technique, on the other hand, aims to create a shorter scar. The incision is made around the areola and extends vertically down the lower half of the breast, resembling a lollipop.

Periareolar (PA): This term refers to the area surrounding the areola, which is the darker skin around the nipple. In the SPAIR technique, the incision is made around the areolas (periareolar), allowing the plastic surgeon to resize and reposition the nipple-areolar complex.

Inferior Pedicle (I): Pedicle refers to the section of tissue that remains attached to the body during the procedure. This tissue contains the blood vessels, nerves and ducts that provide the necessary supply to the nipple and areola. In an inferior pedicle technique, this attached section of tissue is located at the bottom (inferior) part of the breast. This helps maintain nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed post-surgery.

Reduction (R): This term simply refers to the process of reducing the size of the breasts. In the SPAIR technique, this involves removing excess breast tissue, fat and skin to achieve the desired breast size and shape.

Combining all these components, the SPAIR technique provides an advanced approach to breast reduction that minimizes scarring, maintains the functionality of the nipple-areolar complex and achieves a natural-looking breast shape.

Dr. Short’s Mastery of the SPAIR Technique

Dr. Kimberly Short of the Gillian Institute, with her influence and expertise in plastic surgery, is a nationally recognized figure in the field. Her knowledge and innovative applications of the SPAIR technique have led her to speak at national plastic surgery meetings, shedding light on its advantages over older breast reduction methods.

Trained under the guidance of the SPAIR technique developer, Dr. Dennis C. Hammond, Dr. Short blends this knowledge with her unique experiences and proficiency as a board-certified plastic surgeon. The result is enhanced breast reduction outcomes characterized by minimal scarring and improved breast shape, irrespective of the volume of breast tissue removed.

Benefits of Breast Reduction With the SPAIR Technique

The journey of breast reduction offers multiple benefits that are both physical and mental. Let’s explore the various ways breast reduction surgery can enhance your overall well-being.

Improves Physical Comfort

Breast reduction, particularly using the SPAIR technique, is known for significantly relieving physical discomfort. This includes easing the neck, back and shoulder pain often associated with the weight of large breasts. Furthermore, the procedure helps eliminate the painful pressure and indentations caused by bra straps straining under the burden of heavy breasts. A common but often overlooked discomfort is skin irritation or rashes beneath the breasts, which also can be effectively alleviated through SPAIR breast reduction.

Boosts Physical Activity and Lifestyle

Reducing breast size profoundly impacts on a woman’s ability to engage in physical activities. Post-reduction, exercises and physical activities often become more comfortable and enjoyable. This can lead to increased participation in fitness activities, promoting a healthier lifestyle overall.

Preserves Breast Functions

The SPAIR technique holds an edge over traditional breast reduction methods because it maintains the functionality of the nipple-areolar complex. This is crucial, as it means preserving nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed, which are significant concerns for many women considering the procedure.

Balances Body Proportions

Breast reduction helps achieve a more balanced body silhouette. By resizing breasts to complement the rest of the body’s proportions, the surgery enhances overall physical appearance and improves body image.

Expands Wardrobe Options

Breast reduction can also improve how clothing fits, which can further boost self-esteem. Smaller, well-shaped breasts make finding clothes, particularly form-fitting tops and swimwear, an easier and more enjoyable process. This expands wardrobe options and adds to the joy of dressing up.

Minimizes Unwanted Attention

For those who feel uncomfortable with unwanted attention caused by their large breasts, a reduction surgery can provide much-needed relief. Many women find that the surgery helps them feel less self-conscious, boosting their confidence, especially in public settings.

Improves Sleep and Posture

Large breasts can interfere with finding comfortable sleep positions and maintaining a good posture. Breast reduction can improve these aspects, contributing to better overall physical well-being and quality of life. After undergoing breast reduction surgery, many women report improved sleep and a more natural, comfortable posture.

Dr. Short and her team understand the profound physical and psychological influence this procedure can have. At the Gillian Institute, our commitment extends beyond delivering expert surgical care; we aim to provide comprehensive physical and emotional support throughout your transformative breast reduction journey.

Don’t Let Overly Large Breasts Weigh You Down; Unleash Your Freedom With SPAIR Breast Reduction

Since its inception, the SPAIR technique has undergone extensive scrutiny and application. Its success in creating a natural-looking breast shape, decreasing scarring and maintaining nipple function is well-established. When this technique is coupled with Dr. Short’s vast experience and expertise, the Gillian Institute emerges as the ideal choice for your breast reduction procedure.

Dr. Short and her team are ready to guide you through your breast reduction journey. When you’re ready to discuss your options and delve into the transformative potential of breast reduction surgery, we invite you to request a consultation at our Indianapolis plastic surgery practice.