A Big Difference!

Wow! What a difference 4 months can make!!

I’m excited to share with our patients the progress I have made since April. Being a nurse in a plastic surgery office can be a daunting proposition! I decided that I needed to bring my A-game to managing my appearance since I am surrounded by our beautiful patients and staff every day.

Many of us have hit that speed bump known as 40!! It is a place that I did not enjoy. Being surrounded by youth in the media, the standard of beauty was overwhelming to me. I have completely changed my thought process at this point. Beauty is in every patient I see walk through our doors, it’s just different in each person! Taking a few simple steps has helped me embrace my aging face, and find the beauty in the mirror as well. Here is my lead-in….the beginning of my journey. I hope that it will inspire everyone to take a little extra time for themselves every day!

Take a little time to look at my before and after photos, and I will give you the secrets that have led to my much more youthful appearance!

After: in Sept. 2013

Problem area: My answer:

-baggy/crepey/dark under eye skin -Lumiere eye cream

(By Neo Cutis twice daily)

– low/tired looking upper eyelids -Botox “brow kick-up”

-short/thinning eyelashes -Latisse nightly

-overall “ruddy” sun-damaged complexion -PSBM cream 3 times/week

The results have been so exciting to me that I hope others will be empowered to take great care of their skin as well. In addition to the products I have used, I have been meticulous about cleansing my face (even if I’m too tired at night!) and staying out of the sun, or using one of our great SPF products.

Our wonderful staff would love to help you with a combination tailored to your specific skin care needs!

Dawn Burress, RN

The Gillian Institute