Our Aestheticians’ Best Sellers

Casey Crawford

The cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry. Don’t get bamboozled! My top three favorite products that work, and here is why:



Retin-A is a prescriptive product that is a Vitamin A derivative. It is a multi-use product that helps with both acne and wrinkles. Consistent use helps to normalize cells causing the skin cells to turn over more rapidly. It can take 6-9 weeks to see a noticeable difference. It’s less potent than over- the- counter cousin, Retinol, which is found in products at department stores and drug stores.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also called Ascorbic Acid, is a natural skin rejuvenation product. It plays a significant role in production of collagen and helps reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. When Vitamin C is delivered properly to the skin cells, it will aid in reducing wrinkles and will improve skin texture.



Sunscreens help to minimize the harmful effects of UV light by absorbing or reflecting UV rays. They help shield important proteins like collagen, elastin, and keratin, which keep the skin smooth and firm. Daily use of sunscreen can help slow down the signs of aging. Make sure your sunscreen is broad-spectrum, protecting against UVA and UVB rays

Niki Moiser

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic

“C E Ferulic Acid is a product that you must incorporate in your A.M. routine. The combination of the antioxidants C and E will help you to protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays. Also; it helps you to prevent premature aging while collagen production is stimulated”.

My patients say that definitely worth it! It helps them to protect their skin against the sun.

NIA Intensive Recovery Complex

Nia Intensive recovery … Fighting hyperpigmentation? This is the moisturizer for you. Fortified with Pro- Niacin it also helps to reduce fine lines and accelerates cellular repair. This is the perfect choice for am or pm use.

Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel

B5 Hydrating gel… Need an extra boost to your moisturizer? Try B5 Hydrating gel. This natural water binder will plump the skin and give you that healthy glow!