Breast Implant Facts

Before you choose to have breast implants, get the facts!

1. As a female plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, IN, I find that every woman is different-not only with respect to her desires about how she wants her breast implants to look, but also her anatomy and which breast implants will give her the best result.
2. Today we have many breast implants available to us as plastic surgeons. Breast implants come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so we can offer our patients desiring breast augmentation many choices. We can match the breast implant that will best fit your body proportionally and match your goals in choosing to have a breast augmentation.
3. Breast augmentation is a very personal decision. Women in Indianapolis, IN, may choose a very different look than women prefer in Hollywood, CA, or other areas outside the Midwest. Some women prefer a more conservative, natural breast augmentation. Other women may choose breast implants that give them full, round, perky, less natural looking breasts.
4. In considering breast augmentation, a woman and her plastic surgeon should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches.
For example, placement of the implant above or below the chest muscles will have an effect on patient recovery, the motion of the implants after surgery when the muscles are flexed, the ability of the patient to feel the implants easily, and the way the implants will look after the tissues have healed. The amount of breast tissue that a patient has initially (before her surgery) is the most important factor in determining the best placement of her breast implants.
Other considerations will include:
1. desire to lift weights or bodybuild, as these patients will have stronger chest muscles and more obvious movement of the implants when the muscles are flexed,
2. desire for cleavage, as implants placed beneath the muscles will tend to separate over time because of the muscle pressures and cleavage will be decreased in many patients.
3. Desire for a more round look versus a more natural look, as implants placed above the muscles may look more round depending on the patient’s anatomy
4. Amount of “sagging” of the breast tissues prior to the augmentation.

5. Silicone breast implants are now available and are an excellent option for many patients who desire a softer feel and a more natural look. Dr. Kimberly Short has been involved in the clinical studies for silicone breast implants since 1998 and has been placing silicone breast implants for her patients since that time. She discusses the pros and cons of silicone breast implants versus saline breast implants for each patient individually so they can make the decision whether silicone breast implants would be preferable.

As you can see, there are many decisions to address before breast implants are placed.
Dr. Short provides her patients with a video in the office that explains the different options prior to the consult; then she reviews each of her recommendations after she takes measurements and performs their exam.

As plastic surgeons, the goal is to give patients the breast augmentation they desire. Dr. Short will listen to your goals and discuss the options as well as any limitations regarding your breast augmentation surgery.