Indianapolis Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation

Size is often a primary concern for patients in the Indianapolis area as well as other areas of the country.

“I would like to have breast implants. How do I know what size I want to be?
I have always been so small! What will a c-cup really look like on me?”

Dr. Short, a board certified plastic surgeon in Indianapolis with a large breast augmentation practice, takes pride in finding the right size for each patient. See her answer below…….

These are common questions for patients considering breast augmentation.
At gillian plastic surgery, here in Indianapolis, we employ a number of different sizing techniques to help patients choose the right size for them.
We start with discussing their goals and what they find attractive. We look at pictures to determine whether the patient likes more cleavage, more fullness on top, a more round look or a more natural look, and what size they like when looking at pictures. We have many before and after pictures with examples of patients with many different types of anatomy. Next we will do measurements to determine a patients natural breast and chest dimensions and any limitations we can anticipate. I will discuss the patients natural proportions and “even try different implants on for size”.
We have a display of sizes on a picture board for patients to view and for example, determine whether they are more comfortable with a small, mid, or full c-cup. I perform breast enlargements for patients anywhere from B to double D cups depending on their desires. Some patients prefer a more conservative change and a natural look is very possible with the wide range of implants available to plastic surgeons today. Other patients may prefer to be larger even when they have a more petite frame and this is also possible with high profile breast implants.