Corrective Breast Implant Surgery Indianapolis

A series of articles by Indianapolis plastic surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Short.

1. Symmastia (When implants are too close together, no space between breasts)
2. Lateral Displacement (When implants are too far apart and/or move too far to outer edge of chest-especially when lying down)
3. Breast Contracture- Hardening or excessive firmness of breasts
4. Size / shape issues- too big or too small, too round, too full
5. Wrinkling of Implants
6. Sagging (Ptosis) of Breasts- not enough upper pole fullness

Corrective Breast Surgery usually involves one of four parameters or a combination of several.
1. a change in the position of the implant,
2. a change in the amount of cleavage,
3. a change in the size of the implant,
4. a change in the feel of the breast implant (firmness or wrinkling).

Questions to consider when contemplating additional
Breast Implant Surgery.

1.) Are you happy with your cleavage?
a. Too much/too little/just right
2.) Are you happy with the position of your implant?
a. Too close together/ too far apart/ too high/ too low/ asymmetric/ just right

3.) Are you happy with the size of your implants?
a. Too big/ too small/ just right
4.) Are you happy with how your implants feel?
a. Too hard/ too “loose”(feel saggy) / feel wrinkling / just right

If you are unhappy with your breast implants, there is a very good chance your concerns can be addressed and the appearance of your breasts can be improved. Don’t be discouraged.