Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kimberly Short discusses how she would choose her breast implant surgeon.

How would I choose a plastic surgeon to place my breast implants?:

1. I would look for a Board-certified plastic surgeon that was a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Plastic Surgeons must be board certified and must specialize and demonstrate experience in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to be members of the ASAPS.
2. I would choose a plastic surgeon that specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and does at least 300 breast surgeries a year. I would choose a plastic surgeon whose practice is primarily cosmetic, not reconstructive and whose surgery mix is at least 50% cosmetic breast surgery in addition to tummy tucks, liposuction, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation.
3. I would choose a surgeon (female or male) who understood my desires as a woman, who I felt confident would not make my breast too large or unnatural-looking. I would choose a surgeon with whom I communicated well and felt very comfortable, before entering a relationship that involves surgery and several post-operative visits, as well as long term follow-up for my breast implants.
4. I would choose a plastic surgeon whom I felt was honest and personable, who saw me as a woman with important and personal goals and choices not just a surgery “case” or a breast implant patient (a number).
5. I would choose a plastic surgeon who offered a customized or individualized approach to breast augmentation. Understanding that every woman is different. I would choose a plastic surgeon, who discussed the options for my breast augmentation including different incision, approaches, and implants. I would choose a plastic surgeon who educated me and involved me in the decision making process.
6. I would choose a plastic surgeon that had no reservations about having breast implants herself or placing breast implants in his/her mother, sister, or best friend.
7. I would choose a plastic surgeon who has an excellent staff, preferably some of whom had chosen that plastic surgeon to place their own breast implants.
8. I would choose a plastic surgeon who operated in an accredited surgical facility with board-certified anesthesiologists and nurses who specialized in plastic surgical care (and for myself, preferably in a confidential, comfortable office based facility like my own-where we strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible.)