The Keller Funnel is an important innovation in breast augmentation techniques designed to promote safer and more efficient breast implant procedures.

“Breasts are like snowflakes, no two are alike, not even on the same person” – Dr. Short

Maximize Your Safety and Comfort 

Women choose breast augmentation for a wide variety of reasons. Oftentimes how we feel on the inside isn’t matched by our outward appearance, especially as we grow older. Breast augmentation is the most popular aesthetic surgery procedure around the world because it offers women the opportunity to attain the breasts they always wanted. The Keller Funnel technique for breast implants allows you to embrace the essence of femininity with the safest and most comfortable experience possible. Kimberly Short, M.D., F.A.C.S., of the Gillian Institute, offers the expertise and experience to perform the safest and most innovative breast augmentation techniques, such as the Keller Funnel. Our patients often say they feel like a bombshell on the inside, so we want to help patients bring that bombshell to the outside. The Keller Funnel allows us to better customize your augmentation procedure. You can learn more about the Keller Funnel and our personalized approach to breast augmentation by calling our Indianapolis office at (317) 913-3260. You can also schedule a consultation online. Currently, we offer virtual consultations for your convenience and comfort.

About the Keller Funnel Technique

The Keller Funnel was designed to make the breast implantation safer and more comfortable for patients.[1] The funnel itself actually resembles a frosting decorating bag for bakeries. Using the funnel streamlines the implantation process. The Keller Funnel provides a “No Touch” technique which means the surgeon doesn’t have to ever touch the implant. No-touch means less chance of infection and results in a quicker recovery. You can’t make a cake with the Keller Funnel but you can celebrate your new contours every day!

Advantages of the Keller Funnel Technique

The Keller Funnel provides many benefits for both doctors and patients. It stands as a significant innovation in breast augmentations and can be considered the gold standard in breast augmentations conducted today.


A major advantage of the Keller Funnel is that it removes the necessity of a surgeon putting their hands inside the patient to fill the implant. This reduces the chance of infection and allows for a much smoother procedure.


Researchers found that using the Keller Funnel resulted in statistically significant, reduced rates of capsular contraction.[2] Capsular contraction is one of the primary complications of breast augmentation. It occurs when the body forms scar tissue around the breast implant, and small amounts of bacteria contaminate the implant. This bacterial contamination causes chronic inflammation which leads to capsular contraction. Capsular contraction results in discomfort as well as spoiling the aesthetics of the augmentation. Reducing the risk of capsular contraction is a major advantage to this technique.


Smaller incisions offer several advantages. First, the surgeon can better conceal the incisions, which improves the overall appearance of the implants. Second, the surgeon has more placement options for the incisions. Greater choice of incision placement allows the surgeon to tailor the procedure more to each individual’s unique anatomy, thus providing the patient with the best outcome for them.


The Keller Funnel makes breast augmentation a less invasive procedure. This means fewer opportunities for the patient to bruise and greater comfort during the healing process. Reducing the invasiveness of breast augmentation stands as a significant advance on older implant techniques.


The Keller Funnel method minimizes the stress placed on the implant and the surrounding area. Less stress on the implant shell may help prevent implant rupture. Implant rupture is one of the main risks during a breast augmentation. Because the Keller Funnel uses lubrication, it allows for minimal invasiveness which increases the chance of implant rupture.


By creating a more streamlined procedure, the surgery can be completed more quickly. Quicker surgeries offer many benefits including less stress on the patient’s body, less chance of complications, and overall, a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Your Private Consultation with Dr. Short

When considering an aesthetic surgical procedure, it’s important to select a surgeon who can call upon a comprehensive knowledge of the procedure. Many surgeons have the steady hand required for surgery, but Dr. Short offers the added understanding of someone who has undergone aesthetic surgery herself. Because she knows what it’s like to be a patient, she can relate to what you might be experiencing. She’ll answer any questions you have from the perspective of a surgeon and a patient. During your consultation, she will get to know you and your aesthetic goals. She will then craft you a personalized cosmetic strategy to help you achieve your aspirations. Spanish and French are also spoken in the office.

Dr. Short considers herself a perfectionist. She is happy with nothing less than 100% patient satisfaction with an aesthetic procedure. This perfectionism is why she advocates strongly for the Keller Funnel technique. It’s simply the best method available for performing breast augmentations. Dr. Short earned the ranks of Diplomate from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and Fellow of the International College of Surgeons. In her ongoing efforts to stay abreast of the latest advances in cosmetic surgery, she maintains membership in additional societies for cosmetic surgery including the specialized American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

“Our mission is to provide you with the most comfortable plastic surgery experience” – Dr. Short

The Gillian Institute believes in pampering all our patients. We employ a highly personalized approach that takes into account every detail of each patient. During your consultation, we will go over the different incision types, placement of the implants, and everything else you’ll need to know to choose the right augmentation for you.

Different proportions and frames mean breast augmentations should be custom-tailored to each individual’s goals and circumstances. We will take measurements and discuss your desires and expectations.

It’s important to address any concerns you have with Dr. Short during your consultation. She can then explain the rationale behind any part of the process so you come out of the consultation as informed as possible. The cost of your consultation will be applied to your procedure.

The Keller Funnel Procedure

The Keller Funnel updates the breast implant procedure. The Keller Funnel involves four simple steps:

  1. Trim – Sterile surgical scissors trim the funnel and prepare it for the implant.
  2. Hydrate – We submerge the funnel completely in sterile lubricating solution
  3. Load – We load the breast implant into the wide end of the funnel without the need to touch the implant at any point during the process. We can move the implant to the distal end of the funnel from the outside.
  4. Propel – We insert the funnel through the small incision and target the region earmarked for the implant insertion. Using the funnel, we gently propel the implant into the desired position without the need for using our hands inside the incision.

Breasts change position when we lie down. During surgery, we have the patient lie down as well as stand prone to best construct the implant.

Each Keller Funnel is a single-use tool. We never reuse a Keller Funnel. This ensures maximum sanitation.

Recover Quicker than from Traditional Techniques

Because the Keller Funnel permits a less invasive implantation method with smaller incisions and less stress placed on the implant, recovery times are shorter than with traditional techniques. The Keller Funnel’s no-touch method emphasizes the safety and comfort of the breast implant patient. With less trauma caused during the procedure, patients’ bodies can recover quicker.

Certified by Keller Medical

A statement from Keller Medical: “Keller Medical, Inc. understands that surgeons want to deliver the best gel implant procedure possible for their patients. We also recognize that educated consumers want to know their doctors use the most advanced techniques and products available on the market.

Surgeons who have reviewed our training video, passed the required certification test, and performed 20+ procedures with the implant delivery device that may display our certification seal of approval.”

Does the Keller Funnel Technique Increase the Cost?

No, the use of the Keller Funnel technique doesn’t increase the cost. The cost for our breast augmentation procedures usually ranges between $5,525-$6,025. Any circumstances that change this price range will be discussed during your consultation. The Gillian Institute offers financing options if you’d prefer to work out a payment plan.



We perform all Keller Funnel breast augmentations in a private AAAASF-accredited surgical center. The AAAASF is the gold standard for surgical centers.


We offer a seminar specially designed for potential candidates for breast augmentation. During the seminar, we go over all aspects of a breast augmentation procedure. Contact us at (317) 913-3260 to learn more about when our seminar will be held.
Breast Augmentation Seminar: “Breast Wishes”

  • Incision location
  • Implant options
  • Type of implant
  • Shape of implant
  • Size of implant
  • Fill of the implant
  • Surface of implant
  • Placement of implant
  • Dimensions of the implant (width and projection)
  • Breast lift options


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