Breast Augmentation

What you should know about breast implants and breast augmentation before you decide:

Breast augmentation is all about options! There is not one procedure or approach that works best for all patients.

Beware of a surgeon who only presents you with one approach to breast augmentation. All breasts are different. There are many breast implants available and they are not all the same. Dr. Kimberly Short, a plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana, feels patient education and understanding of breast augmentation is critical to obtaining the best results. She reviews the many options.
Breast implants are not the best choice for everyone. At the Gillian Institute, we want to make sure you are informed about breast implants and breast surgery so you can make the best decision for you. We will discuss the different incisions for your breast augmentation, the different breast implant styles, the placement of your implant under the chest muscles or above the muscles, and whether a breast lift will be necessary to give you the breast shape you desire.
As a mother and a female plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, IN, specializing in breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks, Dr. Kimberly Short can relate to you personally as a woman and a mother.