The chemistrytechnology and engineering behind today’s silicone breast implants will astound you! Progressive, forward-thinking manufacturers like MENTOR Worldwide are partnering directly with the FDA and experienced plastic surgeons to create the most beautifullifelike and safest devices on the market today. There are many women who consider breast augmentation to enhance the size of their breasts. Plastic surgeons perform over 300,000 breast augmentations each year.[1] Thanks to recent advancements, there has never been a better time to consider breast augmentation with silicone implants.

Dr. Kimberly Short is a consultant for the National Council of Leaders for Breast Aesthetics. She and her plastic surgery practice, the Gillian Institute, in Indianapolis, IN, are experts in the field of augmentation with silicone breast implants. A consultation with Dr. Short is truly an educational opportunity to learn about this exciting subject from a leader in the industryContact us at (317) 787-3260 or (317) 913-3260.

About Augmentation With Silicone Implants

Breast Augmentation is an intimately personal decision for every woman. For some people, it presents an opportunity to positively address a source of long-held insecurity. However, others are more interested in obtaining a “lift” or filling up the loose skin which has resulted from pregnancy and breastfeeding. The motives for each individual are as diverse and unique as the wide variety of patients who walk through the doors of the Gillian Institute. But what all these women have in common is a desire to be an agent of effective change in their own lives.

Breast augmentation is not the answer for everyone, but many women feel it has helped improve their appearance and their self-confidence. Deciding if breast augmentation is right for you invites a thorough understanding of the procedure and its recent advances.


Dr. Short was an active participant and principal investigator in the FDA-approved silicone study with two major implant manufacturers, MENTOR and Allergan. The study examined the outcomes of hundreds of patients for approximately 8 years. After extensive research involving more than 120,000 patients across the United States, the FDA approved silicone gel implants for cosmetic surgery in November 2006. Cohesive silicone gel implants are the most studied device in the history of the FDA. Dr. Short is committed to patient safety and education. She is excited to offer silicone implants as a choice, as a look and as a lifestyle. Learn more about all our offerings at the Gillian Institute by reading our blog.


Silicone gel implants are advantageous because they feel softer and have a more natural appearance after surgery. They significantly decrease the risk of implant wrinkling compared to saline breast implants. For patients who have minimal breast tissue to convincingly cover an implant in velvety, supple skin, silicone implants provide a more natural response than most saline implants. The upper breast pole of silicone gel implants is subtle and beautiful.

Your health and wellbeing are our chief concern. Both the Gillian Institute and the FDA are confident that silicone gel implants are innocuous.[2]

“As a plastic surgeon, I would recommend silicone implants to my best friend, daughter or sister without hesitation. That’s because I know how safe and effective they really are.” – Dr. Kimbery Short on Silicone Gel Implants

Silicone gel implants feature a unique cohesive silicone—not a liquid—allowing the substance to hold together uniformly, more like a solid. The physical property allows the silicone to remain intact, even in the unlikely event of a rupture to its resilient outer shell. The revolutionary technology offers the patient a choice unlike any other. We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge to make an educated decision for yourself.

Your Personal Consultation With Dr. Short

Class is in session! Get ready to “go to school” because your Personal Consultation with Dr. Kimberly Short is nothing short of an educational experience. In her interactive presentation, “Breast Wishes,” she will teach you with everything you wanted to know about breast augmentation (but was afraid to ask!). It is Dr. Short’s goal to provide the best patient care possible by using a holistic approach. She strives to treat a patient’s mind, body and spirit. Our hope at the Gillian Institute is to provide each of our patients with individualized care.

Call (317) 787-3260 or (317) 913-3260 to contact us and learn more.

The Keller Funnel Implantation Technique

Dr. Short and the Gillian Institute are subscribers to the Keller Funnel technique of silicone breast implantation. It is a no-touch technique that greatly simplifies implant placement. The Keller Funnel is a boon to patient safety because it reduces the risk of contamination, increases placement options and decreases the time spent in surgery.

Dr. Short has completed a comprehensive training course to display the Keller Funnel Certification Seal of Approval.

Cost of Silicone Breast Augmentation in Indianapolis 

In her commitment to transparency, Dr. Short proudly posts all of her pricing information online. The final cost of your procedure is calculated as part of your unique, bespoke suite of services at the Gillian Institute. Breast augmentation tends to fall between $5,525 and $6,025.

Financing plans are available for those who qualify. We take CareCredit, a credit plan specially devised for patients seeking plastic surgery not covered by insurance companies.

Enhance Your Life 

Breast augmentation with silicone gel implants is safer and more effective than ever. Boost your bust and achieve the look of your dreams with the help of a thought leader in the industry.

Dr. Kimberly Short, MD, FACS, is a member of MENTOR’s LEAD Program, which is the Leadership, Experience and Development for Breast Augmentation. She has an artist’s eyes, a surgeon’s skills and a feminine touch. Your aesthetic future is in good hands.



Breast implants are measured by their volume, in cubic centimeters (CC). It is a common misconception that implants are classified by cup size. You can experiment with different sizes at home by measuring out cups of uncooked rice or water—1ml is equivalent to 1cc of silicone filling. By filling up a nylon stocking or plastic baggy with the equivalent substance, you will better be able to visualize how certain items of clothing might fit using your faux implants. At the doctor’s office, they will have “sizers” available. Sizers are real implants you can use for simulation purposes.


The FDA has approved silicone implants for cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgery. FDA-approved implants undergo extensive testing before approval. They must be able to demonstrate reasonable safety and effectiveness. Breast implants by MENTOR adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. MENTOR implants are supported by clinical data, including three clinical trials that followed patients for 10 years. The FDA has reviewed MENTOR silicone implants and determined that they are safe and effective.[3]


There is no expiration date on silicone breast implants. However, they are not lifetime devices. On average, they have been shown to last between 10 and 20 years. Although research conducted by the Mayo Clinic determined that 20% of breast implant recipients have their implants removed or replaced within 8 to 10 years. The FDA advises an open dialogue with your plastic surgeon about your body’s response to previous surgeries, particularly in regards to the amount of scar tissue produced. These discussions help the surgeon judge which measures to take to achieve your desired appearance.


Quite the contrary, silicone breast implants are an important part of the remedy for sagging breasts (also called ptosis). As women age, their breasts lose tissue volume, contributing significantly to ptosis. The strain of breastfeeding exacerbates the process. Implants will address volume loss. A breast lift procedure is commonly paired with implants to reorient the nipples and remove sagging tissue. A combination breast lift/implant surgery will restore the bosoms to their youthful look and response. The combination procedure is a popular component of many patients’ bespoke Mommy Makeover packages.


MENTOR silicone implants are made from an advanced cohesive gel that is resilient to the risks of rupture. According to one study, only 1.1% of breast augmentation surgery patients reported complications after 6 years of living otherwise healthy, happy lives with implants. The shell of a cohesive gel implant is firmer than that of previous models. And the filler has a higher viscosity, ranging between that of a liquid and solid. The silicone inside a cohesive gel implant does not flow like water. It will not squirt, or even run freely, even if the tough outer shell is punctured.[4]


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